Layla and Frio.EXE

Name: Layla Mercedes
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is Caucasian, standing 5'7 with long flowing straight black hair, very little light blue highlights, with a few icy light blue bangs covering her forehead. She has a slender figure with small perky b cup breast, a flat stomach, with slightly meatier thighs, and a nice round, plump booty. Slightly tanned skin, with sapphire eyes.
Clothing: Prefers to wear a solid white full body suit that's made out of some sort of high-tech stretchy cloth/rubbery material. Light blue leather gloves cover each hand, up to her mid forearm, while her feet are covered in a pair of light blue leather boots up to her midshin. The body suit is unzipped in the front, to slightly reveal her breast line. A thin silver necklace rest around her neck, with a small light blue gemstone embedded with a light blue snowflake (Her navi's navi crest)
Personality: Very cheerful person at heart, but wont hesitate to show her bad side. She's a very strong willed individual, having dealt with many hardships growing up, she can keep her head up in the toughest of times, and even find something positive in the worst of situations. She can be a tease, and very flirtatious when it comes to men, and woman alike. Her bond with her navi is stronger then anything, and nothing will come between it.
PET Modifications: Newest generation PET, Solid black, with Light blue trim.
Back Story: Coming soon (running out of time to type it up, almost time to close, would rather get the most of this done now.)

Name: Frio.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Ground
Appearance: Appears to be age 16, standing 5'5 128 lbs (If he were to be real). Not very large, but packs a punch. A humanoid body, with the skin and hear of a lion. The short hair that covers the majority of his body is a very light shade of blue, almost white if you weren't looking hard. The hair that surrounds his neck, and head, as a lion's mane is dark blue. The mane parts, to reveal a young mans face with slight lion like features, a dark blue lions nose, and dark blue eyes. He has a thin, slender body, but is very, very, VERY cut. Definition can be seen all through out his body, besides his covered legs. His hands are more human like, with five fingers ending with small claws, but his feet on the other hand, are paw-like with three large claws protruding from them. Only clothing he wears is a pair of Black cloth kung fu pants that close up right at his ankles, a black cloth kung-fu belt also rest around his waste.
Personality: Still a playful child at heart, but full of pride, and courage to match his lion-like body. Does not like to accept defeat. Very hyper, and energetic nature, and is always ready to better himself.
Custom Weapon: No buster, instead a snowball appears in his hand and he throws it at his enemy. Charged attacks, are bigger snowballs.

Signature Attack:

[Icicle punch] 60 aqua damage + melee. [2 TCD]
An Icicle covers his closed fist as he punches at an enemy

0 zenny.
§2 MiniEnergy Subchips.
§100 HP
§3 Actions
§1/1/1 Buster Stats
§Cannon, a Shotgun, Rageclaw, Shockwave
§60 Signature Points.
§40 NaviCust Points.
§Undershirt, and Set Ice
Second pair, since it wasn't said already. Approved.

GET CHIP: Cannon, RageClaw1, Shotgun, Shockwave
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, SetIce