Naomi Shimizu and Shuri.EXE

Hector and SharpMan will be rebirthed for this new pair. I'll be transferring everything I can over. So, let the new profile begin!

Name: Shuri.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Speed

Shuri is a sleek, ninja themed Navi. As such, she's designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, and travel through the shadows...ironically enough, this tends to make her stick out in a large crowd.

- Her head is nearly completely covered in a black ninja cowl, save for her purple irised eyes and the bridge of her nose. If it was removed, one would see that she had purple hair that extended clear down to the waist. It'd explain why she didn't keep it outside the cowl.
- Her torso is primarily covered in traditional Navi armor, with a V-neck opening to show chain mail armor traditionally associated with ninja. Purple trim surrounds every opening. Her most notable feature is on her back, however; a giant metal four pointed throwing star, which can be freely detached and thrown. She always keeps it at a 45 degree tilt, to make it easy to grab with either hand. Her emblem is at the botom of the neck opening, where the bottom of her breastbone is: a ?, the first character in ninja.
- Her arms are completely covered in thin black Navi armor, with purple gloves covering her hands and forearms. Her legs are much the same way, except with boots that rise to just below her knees, and her pelvic and hip area's armor is purple.

As a freelance ninja, Shuri tends to emphasize herself and self-gain above all else. She tends to be snarky if she believes something is idiotic, and is not above pointing said idiocy out to everyone. She does, however, have a bit of a soft spot for kids and animals, and has no problems with showing this side of herself.

Custom Weapon: As her name and appearance would imply, Shuri's main weapon is the giant shuriken on her back, which contains boomerang-like properties to always return to her, or just regenerate if isn't possible to return. However, she can also generate regular sized shuriken via her buster system to fling at enemies.

Buster Shot - Shuri Buster: Shuri flings a small, auto-generated shuriken at an enemy.

Charge Shot - Shuri Blade: Shuri slashes an enemy with her giant shuriken.

Sig Moves (220/220) [100 (150) / 20]
- Shuri Toss: Shuri flings her shuriken to hit an enemy...then it hits another enemy on the way back. (40, Slashing x 2 targets) (Thrown) (80) (2 CD)

- Happa Bomb: Shuri tosses an egg shaped projectile at an enemy, which showers an enemy in harmful blinding powder. And if the enemy has no eyes, it contains special sensor jamming properties to interfere with their ability to process their surroundings anyway. Despite the name, it's not actually a bomb. (20, Blind) (Thrown) (80) (2 CD)

- Vanishing Slash: Utilizing special ninja magic, Shuri slashes an enemy with a kunai...then mysteriously vanishes from sight for a bit. To maintain this, however, she must concentrate, which manifests as a slight loss of speed. (10, Slashing, Invisibility for 1 turn, Self Slow) (Melee) (60) (3 CD)


Name: Naomi Shimizu
Age: 26
Gender: Female

The first thing many notice about her is her cobalt blue hair, which, to the surprise of many, is completely natural. It falls down to about her waist, but she never keeps it in any sort of style. Her eyes are the same color as her hair.

Her outfit is normally a standard beige business suit, with a skirt that comes to her knees. though she embellishes it with a rather long purple scarf, which descends all the way to the hem of her skirt. The area of the scarf by the left side of her neck has a pin containing her Navi's emblem on it. Though she will often wear more casual clothes outside of work, she's almost never seen without her scarf in public, even in summer, for reasons most can only guess.

Personality: Naomi comes across as an ordinary kind hearted person, who frequently stops to help others. This makes it all the more shocking when they learn of her aspirations: to be a full-fledged lawyer. She has a bit of a grudge against crime, but mostly against the big stuff like murder; things like jaywalking aren't much of a thing to her.

PET Modifications: A standard cobalt blue Link PET.


It was a dark night, and a 9 year old Naomi Shimizu was walking home with her parents after seeing a movie with them. They were all in good spirits...until they were mugged, and both parents subsequently shot. From that moment on, Naomi would forever hate crime, and desire nothing more than to see it be eliminated from the world. Luckily, both of her parents survived the ordeal, so at no point did she consider achieving this goal by putting on tights and punching out criminals.

Instead, she went on to get a degree in law, but, unable to find a proper job, settled for becoming a paralegal for the time being. To handle various duties she had to do on the Net, she went out and bought a secondhand Navi. Deep down, however, she secretly wished to do something more to help the fight against she obtained a stealthy Navi by the name of Shuri, whose previous operator had recently abandoned her. They got along well enough, but disagreed on compensation for things; whereas Naomi wanted to do things sheerly out of the goodness of her heart, Shuri demanded compensation, having been trained as a mercenary Navi. As time passed, however, the latter softened...mainly because she realized that good deeds in the Net rarely went unrewarded.

Alas, the real world could not say the same, and one night Naomi was herself mugged, losing everything she had on her except her Navi. Not long afterward, she moved into a house that had been mysteriously vacated by the previous occupant, and in what could only be called a break, found that they had abandoned their upgrades, leaving them there for whoever was lucky enough to move in after them. Now armed once more, they've begun once more their collective goal of making the Net a better and safer place...and making a quick buck in the process.


Rebirthing Justification: Naomi became the next tenant of the house that Hector had previously rented. In a drawer, she found none other than the upgrades and chips SharpMan had collected. Why they were ditched, no one but him knows...but since they were now theirs, Naomi and Shuri weren't complaining.
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