Screen Resolutions!

Ok I'm wondering for various projects, what is everyone's Screen Resolution during their normal operating times, like right now looking at this very post this minute!

If your res is not in the poll, select other and reply with your actual res!
Since my compy is broken, I can't tell you.

But what I can say about the end of the list is, it would be like this: "Ok, seriously...Which dot is the goddamn recycle bin?"
1280x1024, or something like that.
Wouldn't let me vote 'other'. Did you set the poll to multiple choice again, Sora? Jeez.

two quick things, i noticed after posting it that i had some of the numbers wrong, see the 2048s inbetween 1152x864 and 1360x765? those were suppose to be 1280 =\

second thing! i set it to multiple cause somepeople have multiple computers, or have different resolutions for situations, example, i used to switch my second monitor's res to 1024 just so i could read text from the distance i had it set at.

so.. yeah.. goofed on those numbers and I dont see anyway to fix it...
1440 x 680

also, is that sora's net-sona?
My monitor is gigantic. :'D
Changed it back after searching for new wallpapers.
1024x768 now. XD