Sharingan or byakugan?

This is something that me and a friend of mine were talking about, what is the better eye related keki-genkai. The sharingan, or the byakugan?
-votes for all-
Don't care. Both are broken and Naruto's gone to fail anyway.
Even though the two Hyuugas (Neji and Hinata) are both way more awesome than the two Uchihas (Sasuke and Itachi), I think the Sharingan'd be cooler to have. Better to know all than to see all, right?

But my vote goes to Byakugan anyway, just because it looks cooler and I just hate the Uchihas that much.
I like both. The Sharingan looks awesome, and has cool powers, but Lee and Guy have ways to beat it. The Byakugan allows near-360 degrees vision and X-ray-vision-like powers, but there is a blind spot and it isn't an unstoppable technique. All in all, though, I would love to have either.
Sharigans are bastards who pride themselves with the belief they are the greatest of all clans...suuuuuuure you are...then explain why you were all killed in one night?

Bayakugan people are a bit better to deal with...not all of them have pompous attitudes
<notes the X-RAY VISION KIND OF THING. [/innuendo]>