Dungeon Crawl

Full topic and explanation later. For now, THE MORGUE

Tom.... I don't know whether to hate you or love you for introducing me to yet another distraction....
Alright, so, let's try explaining this deal. Dungeon Crawl is a 2d DnD based RPG where you create a character based off of Race and Class and then explore an immense dungeon. The ultimate goal is something like, collect 4 orbs and do something or other. But that goal is largely impossible. The game is incredibly cruel and punishing. Make a slight mistake somewhere and you might get killed. And if you get killed, you have to start right from the beginning with a brand new character.

There's also a great deal of luck involved. The dungeon is completely different every time you go in, from the way it's designed to the items you collect and of course the enemies you face. The game has two major attractions for it; three if you're like me.

One. The amount of customization you can do is incredible. There are about 15 total races and who knows how many classes. Then there are the spell lists and the gods, all offer more customization, and then there's all the cool gear you find in the dungeon itself.

Two, exploration. No, I'm not saying that the scenery looks nice or something like that, but the feeling you get when you discover something new in the game can be pretty awesome. The first time you find a group of orcs and fight them in a massive struggle of life and death. The first time a god grants you a special ability. Stuff like that really drives the game along. And actually, exploring the dungeon itself can be pretty cool too. I recently discovered the Orc Mines for the first time, now that was an experience. A painful one though.

And so we come to part three. Difficulty. This game is incredibly hard. If you pick a difficult class to play, starting off, every battle will be an epic struggle. And then, later on, when you start fighting orc parties, or ogres, or mages with imp familiars, or special characters, or even the ghosts of your own former characters, all those battles can be incredibly difficult and fatal for the unprepared.

I highly suggest playing the game a few times. It's a little difficult to first pick up, but the game is incredibly addictive. Every time you die, you say, "Damn, I should have done this, or that, or not made that mistake. I bet I can do better next time." And so you play the game again.

Now for my game stories. The morgue itself tells a lot. In my top 10 slots, 3 of them are assassins, including my number 1 spot. And that's because the assassin class is damn good. High dex allows dodging and sneaking, you start with a magic dagger, and most importantly you start with a blowgun and a whole bunch of poison darts. My number one character, a measly little Halfling Assassin, managed to get to the top by stabbing enemies in their sleep and shooting things full of poison before running away. His death occurred right after he'd managed to kill an ogre by shooting it full of poison... when he met the Ogre's brother. And he'd just run out of poison darts. His end was quick, clubbed to death by an ogre. I've since learned that you only use the poison darts on enemies that are actually a threat. Little Zalious just ran around shooting everything full of poison in childlike glee, from the biggest ogre to the tiniest goblin, from special characters to giant rats. Next time...

Then comes my number two slot, which I just finished playing. By the way, I named him Not George since my last character, George, had gotten killed on the very first floor of the dungeon, heh. Anyway, he was a Sludge Elf Chaos Knight. Now that was an interesting experience. Decent stats all around, good starting health, and then throw in decent starting ranks in his weapon of choice (axe) and dodge for kicks, but what really made the character was that he started with a god. Makhleb, a god of death and destruction, I got faith points through killing enemies and then offering their corpses to the god. And anyone who's played the game knows that there are a lot of enemy corpses. So, I was killing enemies in one hit with my axe unless they were hard targets, and if they were nasty I'd throw destruction spells at them. Well, along the line, I got so well in with the god that he gave me the ability to summon demons. But the character was so strong that he really didn't need it, so I almost forgot about it. Almost. Well, along I go through the dungeon when Blork the Orc attacks me, a nasty orc with lots of health and attack power backed up by spell casting abilities. He proceeds to beat me like a red headed stepchild. At the time, I had 40 health. He reduced me to 10 in a matter of turns and I had him at 'moderately wounded' or something. After quaffing two healing potions and then getting reduced to 10 health again, I started to get worried. But then I remembered I could summon demons. I used the ability successfully and brought out a big mean smoke demon, then back away and let him deal with Blork. The smoke demon killed Blork in one hit. Awesome moment.

Well, I was getting to the point where I thought I could take on the whole world with my character. That's when I found the Orc Mines for the very first time. I go down the steps and immediately see a problem. Number one, I am in a wide open space, no corridors or anything. And number two, I am surrounded by about ten orcs. I bolt back up the stairs. But I'm determined. I summon three demons to my side and then prepare myself to go back in. Unfortunately, I forgot that only one minion can ever follow you between floors. So it's me and a demon against the world. Not good odds. Well, there's a flight of stairs nearby, I figure I'll run down those and take my chances on level 2 of the orc mines. It can't possibly be this bad, right? WRONG. I go down the stairs and instantly find myself in the exact same situation, but this time with more orc casters. I run back up the stairs, determined to run back to the relative safety of the standard dungeon. There are 4 orcs blocking my way. I try and kill my way through to the stairs, but only manage to kill 2 orcs before the other 8 beat me to a bloody pulp. A better plan would've been to summon the demons once I was in the mines, that way I could have a bunch of assistance or at least have more bodies to block hits. Or I could have just avoided the mines period, heh.

My number 3... Sigh... Look at number three and then number 8. See anything? Dolg, number 8, died. And when he did, he came back as a vengeful undead spirit to kill... number 3, Lom. One of my most embarrassing and frustrating deaths to date, getting killed by my own character. Lom was a fun character though, a Gnome Healer who worshipped the god of healing. He got faith points by destroying weapons, so whenever I'd kill an orc or hobgoblin I'd smash their club to pieces and get a little more power. I could heal myself at will and even cure poison, super useful ability there. He used a quarterstaff and could generally bash things to death in one blow. Fun character, most characters with gods usually are though. I underestimated Dolg though. I refused to use my wand of lightning on him, thinking I could save it for later, and I also underestimated the amount of damage he could do. I had 2 heal potions left when I died. Ah well, always next time.

Number 4, Newfag, was one of my earliest characters and for the longest time was my #1. I'd made him after another frustrating defeat and you can tell through the name what I expected out of him. Newfag surprised me, though. Newfag was one of the strongest character combinations in the game, and it's through him that I learned how strong both Assassins and Spriggans are. We've already gone over why Assassins are good, but what makes Spriggans especially awesome is that they're faster than any other player race. Effectively, they can move two squares when a normal human could only move one. With the assassin class, this makes Spriggans ridiculously powerful. Poison darts plus super movement = Hit and Run Tactics. Well, Newfag was good, but he died like all the others due to a common mistake for me, I miscalculated what the enemy was capable of. Y'see, Giant Iguanas and Giant Geckos share the same graphic. Giant Geckos are pushovers. Giant Iguanas deal 10 damage a hit. Newfag had just gotten through a battle with a whole bunch of enemies when he saw this dinky little lizard coming his way. So, I figured I'd just stab it to death, why waste good poison? Then it bit me for 10 damage, killing poor Newfag.

Dunno, my number 5 and another lazy name character, had a similar fate, but his death was really painful for me since Dunno had been, and still is, my coolest character created through this game. He was some weird race I can't remember now, but he was a Hunter, making him super talented with bows. That meant that I pretty much killed anything before they ever got to me. There was something incredibly satisfying about poking my head around a corner and shooting a goblin in the face from 8 squares away. And I would do that every freaking time. Dunno got really awesome when I found a book though. One scroll of identify later revealed that it was a book of Necromancy. This quickly lead to me having a Necromantic Archer. An undead creating, torture spell fling archer of death. He also had a +3 holy mace of undead disruption that he liberated from a cleric's corpse. This meant that Dunno was a freaking monster in combat, no matter what he was doing. And then, bam, Giant Iguana chomps him. That sucked. Again, I thought I was facing a measly Giant Gecko, rushed it with my Hammer, and realized way too late that I couldn't handle it in close combat. Bye-bye kickass archer necromancer. May I someday make you once again.

Most of the others I can't remember so well, but they're interesting stories all the same. Dolg, the thief, getting killed by poison strikes me as ironic. And for Leroy, an Ogre Fighter being killed by a puny snake is downright hilarious to me. You can see a lot of lazy names on there, like Deren, Hugo, and Raoul, my Makai characters. Heck, there's even a Tom (Slain by an ogre, that's a MANLY death).

Now Reese, my number 13, he's got a bit of a story. Notice who killed him? Ijyb? Ijyb is, in my opinion, the weakest special character enemy in the game. I generally crush him without much effort. But Reese got killed by him. Why? Well, Reese was a Mummy Summoner. But more importantly, he was a Mummy. And let's get this straight right now, the Mummy is a shitty race to play. They have one advantage I can remember, and that's that they don't need to eat. But they can't drink potions and they take double damage from fire. Double damage from fire, that's the important part. So, I see Ijyb, I summon a bunch of animals, and Ijyb just ignores them and incinerates me with a fireball. Twice. The end of Reese.

No other interesting stories for me, except BLARG. His end condition, leaving the dungeon alive, occurred when I ran up a flight of stairs on the very first level. I did it just because I wanted to look at my morgue, nothing more. But the fact he got so many damn points for doing that still amuses me.

Righto then. We'll discuss tactics, hints and whatnot later. I'm done typing, heh. I know we've got some other Crawlers from the chat, I'm always interested to hear more stories.
I don't have quite as good stories as Tom here...

Except for the fact that every single fucking hobgoblin in the entire game is out to get me. I'm not joking. I don't know HOW many characters of mine have died to a hobgoblin. It's like I somehow pissed off the Hobgoblin God and as a consequence Every Hobgoblin In The World is coming after me.
I keep hearing that the game has 2d graphics, but it looks like a text based game...

and does it work on mac?

Quote (Niax)

I keep hearing that the game has 2d graphics, but it looks like a text based game...

and does it work on mac?

It is text based looking....but you the text is the grahpics, you still move around and such..

and there is a mac installer. Hell, the windows installer is at the bottom of the list!

Niax, no one loves a mac...
This sounds like a seriously epic timewaster.


EDIT: Ahahahaha! My draconian died less than a minute of play.

This is rediculously fun!

This game is F@%#ing difficult, but is it ever fun. Biggest thing to make me go WTF thus far has been walking down to the third floor and getting slaughtered by a steam dragon that was just out of sight. I still haven't seen how anyone should be able to survive that at that level.
There's these wierd bits that, when you start you're trapped in a confined area. So when I stick the auto-loot thing on, my character zips right out.

Hidden doors Lego. Hidden doors. Rest often.

Lost my best yet to a scorpion/snake tag-team.

And thanks for the tip, Tone.
where do u download this game? link plz
holy god i just played like a few minutes of it. *crawls into fetal position*


*holds 360 like newborn child*

*Throws EDIT button at Tpsp*

It's like the RPG version of I Wanna Be The Guy.
sadly, I have suffered to new characters being killed by entering the dugneon with 4-5 enemies already on top of them/around the first corner (jackals in the second case) about...10 times in a row now...



My best so far has been a spriggan who ran around darting things.

Then got zapped by some guy called Ijlyb.

It's not easy when you turn a corner and get ganked by an orc raiding party.

Also, epic fight scene Common.
I lasted 10 turns after that :3
I'm actually getting a bit addicted to this game, believe it or not.
Okay, now it's just not being fair.

You begin to rest.

It hits you.

...you die.


That's the actual wording, good gods!

EDIT: http://crawl.akrasiac.org/scoring/top100.html

"Bloody hell" just doesn't quite make it.