Vapor Ware

All good things must come to an Horatio and ShamanMan will forever be retired to NPC status. As such, they will be used in a rebirth, to produce...another Navi of mine that starts with S and ends with Man. What is it with me and names like that? D:

JUSTIFICATION: After learning that his show got a nice budget increase, it became clear that Horatio could afford all the upgrades ShamanMan needed. So, being the nice guy that he was, gave the first person he saw his chips, NCPs, and on-hand cash. That person just so happened to be Ms. Alda Hyde, getting some fresh air in ACDC Park as she pondered exactly what to do with SmogMan. How convenient!

Operator 1
Name: Alda Hyde
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Appearance: Alda stands at a moderate 5'5", but weighs a not-so-moderate 108 lbs. As one might expect, she's extremely thin, and some would wonder how she even manages to support herself while standing.

She has long green hair that extends down all the way to her waist. She normally keeps it in a ponytail, due to her profession. She has matching big green eyes, which look even bigger through her almost comically large, thick rimmed glasses that are matched in thickness by the lenses themselves. One look through them would make someone wonder if she was blind without them, and legally, the answer was yes. Which explains why she's almost never seen without them.

Her outfit is rather plain, and is simply a blue blouse with a short black skirt, with a white lab coat on top of it, and black, low-heeled shoes. Both are fairly tight, but she lacks the chest to make it particularly eyecatching.

Personality: Alda is mostly a quiet, reserved woman. There are two known exceptions to this: she loves to discuss anything and everything concerning science, even the branches she knows nothing about, and she's apt to talk with her sister about anything and everything for hours if given half the chance. Though physically frail, her will is surprisingly tough, and anyone that knows her usually just give her anything she requests, or else they would be pestered nonstop until she got her way.

PET Modifications: A dark purple Link PET. It has a special sensor that lets her track and record SmogMan's various gaseous compositions.

Operator 2
Name: Rhonda Hyde
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Appearance: Rhonda, unlike her older sister, looks much more like she went outside as a child, standing at 5'11", and weighing 126 lbs. Despite her healthier appearance, she's still slender, though wide in the right places.

Like her sister, she has waist low hair, though hers is a light purple, nearly lavender color. Her green eyes are much more piercing; if she looks at someone, it almost seems like she's trying to read their heart, even if she otherwise looks half-asleep.

Her outfit somehow manages to be simpler than Alda's, as she simply wears a plain white sundress with pink trim that's prone to fitting rather tightly across the chest, despite being otherwise loose, and often accompanies it with a wide brimmed straw hat with a pink ribbon. Completing the ensemble are pink sandals, and a white and pink parasol that she only uses on occasions where her hat won't get the job done, such as a sudden downpour.

Personality: Rhonda is extremely outgoing, very much a people person. She enjoys people that are the same, and will often try to bring the shy and socially awkward out of their shells, a skill she picked up doing so for her sister. But if she decides that she wants something, she will stop at nothing to obtain it. This had led to jokes among those that know her well that her name is actually a warning to those that might try to stop her from doing, well, anything.

PET Modifications: A simple pink Progress PET. Has no particularly special features.

Name: SmogMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Speed
Appearance: SmogMan appears fairly large, around 7 feet from top to bottom. But as for what he is...

He appears to be a stylized smog cloud, dark purple in color. Due to his nature, he can alter his form to appear as almost anything in any color, but by default, he appears as a monstrous human-like head, with imposing, glowing eyes, and a mouth covered in fangs. Short arms come out from the lower sides, ending in hands with pointy fingers. On the backs of his hands are his emblem: a purple, nebulous cloud.

If one removed all the smog, however, SmogMan's true shape is actually simply a small black sphere approximately 1 foot in diameter, with glowing red eyes, and his emblem below them. He's perfectly capable of halting his gas production to reveal his surprisingly unscary core, but tends to only do this around Navis he really likes.

Personality: Despite his normal imposing appearance, and reasons for existance, SmogMan is actually a very kind Navi, and always willing to lend a helping hand, provided the one asking doesn't have allergies or breathing problems. Perhaps because of his default appearance, however, he doesn't let many Navis see his core, having self-esteem issues with being, according to his operators, incredibly cute. His attention span isn't particularly big, especially when dealing with Alda's technobabble.

Custom Weapon: SmogMan can launch toxic gases at enemies to harm them.

Signature Attack: Poison Gas - SmogMan emits a concentrated toxic gas cloud at an enemy, which can infiltrate their system by inhalation or touch. Though the poison is somewhat powerful, it will wear off after enough time has passed.

- 10 damage (10)
- Trigger: Attack hits target (0)
- Delayed Damage Attribute: Poison(10) for 5 actions (50)

Total: 60/60


History: Alda and Rhonda Hyde were raised in a suburban DenCity neighborhood. Beyond that, the two had very little in common. Alda was her class's valedictorian from her high school class, and a reputation for having unmatched scientific ability. Rhonda's people skills proved to offset her questionable book learning habits, and was voted most popular her senior year. Even though they were sisters, it was surprising to some that they were, in fact, extremely close, each serving as the other's best friend. Both went on to college, where Alda earned her masters in biochemistry, and Rhonda acquired a degree in marketing.

Immediately out of college, Alda found herself gainfully employed at Heart Payne Pharmaceuticals, a well known pharmaceutical company in the area, as a researcher for various drugs. She managed to convince the company to also hire her sister as an advertising specialist. Both did what they could to help the company, believing that it sincerely wished to ease suffering in the world.

One day, however, shortly after being transferred to a group researching pheromones, it occurred to Alda that if a Navi could generate them at will, they could test any and all ideas both quickly and efficiently, as well as save lots of money on research. To that end, she 'borrowed' her sister's NormalNavi, having no Navi of her own, and began to program it to be able to produce virtually anything from its body.

And she succeeded...but not in the way she had hoped. Indeed, the Navi could now produce nearly any gas from its body on a whim, but the pheromones themselves were too complex for her (admittedly somewhat lacking) programming skills. In addition, the gas generation program had severely eroded the Navi's physical form, leaving it as little more than a black sphere with glowing eyes that could spray toxic fumes on virtually anything. While Rhonda was understandably displeased with what had happened to her Navi, she noted that they could still use it for testing various scents, and use the results to make the odor of various medicines more appealing to consumers. Plus, she found her Navi's new form completely adorable. However, the Navi, now known as SmogMan due to his ability to freely form gases from his body, had no desire to be adorable, and manipulated poisonous gases around him into a more intimidating figure.

The two have begun to use SmogMan jointly, with Alda testing various gases he emits, and Rhonda recently pondering using him in various advertisements. Both, however, agree that he should become stronger than he currently is, so lately they've been content to switch off operation in order to achieve this.


Everything ShamanMan has below will be transferred to SmogMan, since it's a rebirth, of course. So, basically, his chips, the two NCPs, and the cash. I know, it's almost too much stuff.

FAREWELL ShamanMan - 150/150 HP - 1460[s
FireKnife (60, Fire, B, Slashing, up to 6 uses)
FireKnife (60, Fire, B, Slashing, up to 6 uses)
MetaGel2 (130, Aqua, B, Slow, hits up to 3)
FireHit1 (60, Fire, A, Impact, up two 2 uses in one turn)
Cannon (40, A, Knockback)
Guard1 (60-, S, Piercing, Line Attack, Reflects one attack for equal damage)
Folder Count: 6/30
Extra Chips
-MiniEnergyPack: 2/4
-SmallEnergyPack: 0/4
-EnergyPack: 0/4
-LargeEnergyPack: 0/4
-FullEnergyPack: 0/4
-SneakRun: 0/4
-Escape: 0/4
-Untrap: 0/4
-Unlocker: 0/4
-SPRevive: 0/4
- Total: 6
Basic Information
LV 1
Element: Normal
Subtype: Variable

-Attack LV 1
-Rapid LV 1
-Charge LV 1
-Speed LV 3 (3 actions)

-Buster Damage: 2
-Charge Damage: 8
-Buster Effect: None
-UnderShirt (10)
-HP+50 (10)
Total: 20/40
Spare NaviCust Programs
Signature System 3.5
Buster Shot: Shaman Buster
- ShamanMan shoots a small magic burst from his hand.
= 2 damage
Charge Shot: Shaman Burst
-SplashMan: ShamanMan shoots a more powerful magic blast at an enemy.
= 8 damage
Tranquil Magic
- ShamanMan uses a spell that soothes (and slightly harms) the savage beast, lulling them into inaction.
= 30 damage + Sleep + Self-Slow
+ 2 TCD
Sig Points
- Total Points Available: 60/60 (points acquired/max points possible)
- Spare Points Available: 0
- Tranquil Magic: 60
=Total: 60/60
Upgrade List
HPMemory: 0
PowerUP: 0/12
Speed Upgrade: 0/3
NaviCust Expansion: 0
Process Upgrade: 0/0
SubMemory: 0
Horatio's E-Mail Address
Address Book:
Key Items
- PET: Horatio's PET. ShamanMan is currently installed.
Win-Loss Record: 0-0
Wins: (none)
Losses: (none)
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