Just noticed the site is called RERN Chapeter 1. Has the CHapter 1 always been there, and if so are we planning on actually making another site after some point?
No, it's only been there for a month or two. No later.
Uh, this is just a site name for the time being, when ANOTHER MAJOR EVENT is coming up, then we switch to chapter 2, and so on.

@Twi: Too much information? Yes? No?
In other words, the future of this site will be split up into "chapters". Hopefully with Boxman.

Thinking up chapter names is a fun pastime.
OKay, just making sure I wasn't crazy when I noticed it like a week or two back.
Chapters imply an end, though. I still hope that's not going to be the case.
It ends when everyone gets bored and leaves.

God, the final chapter is going to suck if that's the case.
Final post:

Quote (RevivedSin)

And suddenly, the leader of the virii stepped forward.  It was a navi.  The good Navis' gasped and chattered amongst themselves, wondering how all these years, the enemy leader was-
*Short attention span*

Wait what, November 24th?
The hell.
I was gonna make it in like 10 years, but I thought doing it REALLY soon would be funny. ANd I chose you cuz your the one who typically mods me. THat or PA, but I decided to go with you.
Shamaranda, the next event would take... Scratch that, ANY MAJOR EVENT would take at least 2 months for completion.
I refuse to believe an event could be finished within 21 days.
It won't be finished. Everyone will leave before then, causing you to roleplay with youself, causing you to enter a state of hyperposting, and the event will progress at rapid speed. After a while, you get bored of yourself and leave.
I'm more concerend why he isn't using his future seeing powers to help us all win the lottary...
If I have all the winning tickets, I get all the cash. Maybe if you had kept fighting in ACDC Town, you'd be (almost) as rich as me right now.
nah.......we all just bomb you with bob-ombs because of the fact you hate to let us win.
I wasn't talking to you. Besides, my awesomousity is occasionally minorly limited. Emphasis on the occasionally and minorly.

Quote (RevivedSin)

Man, I can't beleive I'm the Prz of the US. This is awsome. Hey, I wonder what this button does? Maybe it calls my secretary.

Huh, so that's how the world ends.
I do believe that you are asking for a challenge Ms. Zolem?
Dude, that's so awesome.
If I was the president, I would freaking drag our troops back to America and try and find something America can trade for oil.
Then, I would enact some other Hayek-based policies for the economy.
Then, I would probably find some way to goddamn get rid of all this debt.
Then, I would promote stem cell research and help Congress enact a LAW to help lessen the effects of global warming.
But really, the first thing I would do is read the "How to be a President" handbook. If there is one. <<;
Otherwise I'll wing it. XD
See it always seems like it'd be so easy if you were in charge. I imagine TRYING to implement those things would be easy, but thewre's so much legal red tape which even Mr.Pres can't ignore.