Simple Request

I thought of the most awesome /34/ ever, but I"m b& from 7chan. Don't ask.

Someone please post a /34/ for Ender's Game, using a picture of the cover or whatever. Don't do this if you're just going to sound like someone asked you to do it. Ask for some Wiggin incest. Ender/Valentine, or Peter/Valentine (which is actually somewhat suggested by the book.)

And don't let the thread die. I want to see results.
o_0.......hath you lost your mind kazu!?

Quote (Kazuhiro)

I thought of the most awesome /34/ ever, but I"m b& from 7chan. Don't ask.

For those wondering, Kazu made the fatal mistake of being a Namefag and ADMITTING he was a Gaiafag. Lulz occurred when he was b&.

I guess I could do this myself using a proxy, but only a few let me use PostData.
Even if you find one that works, it won't last for long. I used a proxy to access 4chan for about a week (my dad blocked it because he's an ass). I didn't even post anything, but that particular proxy's banned.

I'll be willing to bet something similar will probably happen if you used one to access 7chan.
What do you got against Anon?

Anyway, sorry, but I respect Ender's Wiggin incest for me.
same here, i love the book, but i'm not gonna ask for something like that.
How in the world can you get B& at 7Chan?!

...I never read the book, so I'll go ahead and post it :3
.... Which means that most of you are 7channers.... *murders kazu* How the hell can you get b& from 7chan??? WTF?

.... >.> *is not a 7channer* so there.