Make a Fake (Sig attack)

No flaming, just laughing.
No spamming.It seems to be a good attack though...
No disrespect.Aimed at everyone...

Here we go, you may post in ANY template you wish.


Signature Attack:
Name:Judge of Aegis
Description:A large white raven is released at the enemy.
Damage formula: Enemies hp- yours x2 (?-?x2)
Notes:The bird slightly tracks and can turn on a dime due to it's low speed.Takes 50 health from user and no cooldown (the -50 alone...)

Name:Enshrouding mist.
Description:Summons purple mist which heals for 10 hp, + level to next chip attack, and hp max temporarily raised +20.
Notes:Basically a super stat type of deal...has a 5 turn cooldown
Power of the Reaper:

Passive. You might hold 5 buster charges, and don't have to spend buster charges instantly (you can do any actions without making them disappear). Every charge above 2 adds one to all of your buster stats. When you do a charge attack, dmg is calculated first (so with 5 charges, you'd have +3 to both stats, then if you do another charge attack, +1, and you are left with only one charge)

Holy purification:

Takes up 5 charges

After activated, Darkchips may be used without negative effects. Lasts for 1 turn.



Name: Yami no Pantsu.
Description: The Navi throws a pair of panties into the air, which grow to an enormous size and cast a shadow upon their target. They then fall down on said target and crush it under the weight of perversity.
- 80 damage on 1 target; Ranged.
- May embarrass the target, lowering its actions by 1.
- 3TCD

Lol wut?
Level 1 Sig Attack: Magical Poncho Kills Everything
Description: All combatants not wearing a poncho are instantly deleted.
Passive Ability

So balanced it hurts.
Signature Attack:
Name: Legend-morph
Description: Navi transforms into one of 8 creatures (much like a beast out). That means the change is an armor change, not a full body change (unless specified as a full body change).
Duration: Till the end of battle
Cooldown: once per 2 battles.
Note: All regular type advantages/disadvantages apply during transformation.

Special: If attempted to use the next battle or during a tnrasformation, instead of a legend over type deal, the navi simply loses 300HP (or to 0 if htey have less) and must jack out to recover enough energy to legend out again. However they gain the type (without the extra type disadvantages) and +4 buster damage for the rest of the battle. This special can only be used during the ability's cooldown. I can only be done once per jack-in session.

Morph 1:
Salamander: The navi legend outs Into a lizard creature on fire (custom weapon is flaming katana). The navi is now fire type. The navi takes 0% damage from fire attacks. If the navi is hit with offtype ice damage, quadrouple damage is taken. Charge shots now turn into lava gysers shotting up from the ground (after a few, the enemy must be careful not to hit hot lava!).

Morph 2:
Levithan: The navi legend outs into a sea creature (custom weapon is trident). The navi is now water type. The navi takes half damage from all water and fire attacks. The navi takes triple damage from thunder attacks. charge shots take 5 turns, and are tidal waves.

Morph 3:
Thunderbird: The navi Legend outs into a yellow bird (custom weapon is electric axe). The navi is now thunder type. The navi cannot fly in this form, but is faster (can dodge better). However that means the navi takes 1.5 damage from break types. Charge shots take 2 turns to charge and are lightning bolts.

Morph 4:
Trent: The navi legend outs into a tree (custom weapon is tree trunk arms). The navi is now Wood type. The navi takes 0 damage from elec attacks. The navi takes quadrouple damage from fire attacks (instead of double). The charge shot is a melee trunk smash, and takes 4 turns to charge. The damage is treated as break/wood damage. The navi is slower and dodges less often.

(half way done, now for subtypes)

Morph 5:
Slyph: The navi shrinks and gains little wings in this legend out (custom weapon is a miniature bow and arrows). The navi is curser type. The navi cannot fly, but is quicker and has very good aim. however the navi takes 1.5 damage from all attacks (except from type disadvatage). The navi is also very cute (fluff). The navi's charge shot is a 3-way arrow shot.

Morph 6:
Dragon: The navi legends out into a dragon (custom weapon is two handed sword). The navi is wind type. The navi takes normal damage from most attackes except for the following cases. The navi recives triple damage from off-type ice damage. The navi recives 1.5 damage from fire damage. The navis charge shot is a breath attack of any normal type of the navi's choosing (including offtype ice).

Morph 7:
Golem: The navi legends out into a golem of granite rock (custom weapon is granite FIST). The navi is Break type. The navi is slower and dodges less often. The navi takes .5 damage from all attacks except the following situations. The navi takes 1.5 damage from water and wood. The navi takes normal damage from fire and offtype ice damage. The navi takes 2 times damage from break attacks. The navi also takes 0% damage from sword, wind and elec attacks. The navi's charge shot takes 5 turns to charge and is a melee punch that does 2 times damage.

Morph 8:
Rogue Demon: The navi becomes a demonic version of self (custom weapon is a demonic sword of the navi's chosing). The navi becomes Sword type. The damage takes triple damage from offtype light attacks. The navi recovers half the normal damage wouldo f been taken from offtype Darkness damage. The navi takes .5 damage from all other offtypes. The navi is faster and dodges more often. The charge shot is a melee sword slash. The navi can charge extra for another slice (EX: the navi charges 5 turns. Being the charge takes 3 turns the navi uses 3 slashes).
I don't know if this is fake though. D:

Name: Chip Switch
Description: Navi throws a downloaded chip at ally, for ally to use, ally may throw another chip at Navi back, for kicks. Or he could be a jerk and use the chip navi sent him and beat the crap out of the enemies.
Effect: Read above.
Cooldown: 2 turns

Name: Falcon Punch
Description: Drawing from the popular fads of the netscape, the navi charges fire in his/her fist for one action, and releases it in an almighty punch the next. This is easily dodgable.
Effect: 500 Fire/Break DMG, low accuracy, takes 2 actions.
Cooldown: 12 turns

Name: Rain of Perversion.
Description: The Navi takes out a suitcase from nowhere as his eyes shine with ominous foreboding. He waves the suitcase through the air while opening, which makes all kinds of different pairs of panties fly through the air at the enemies.
- Embarrasses all targets, lowering the actions by 2 for everyone with minimum amount of actions for those enemies being 1.
- 3TCD
Damage:5 for every action used for such x 10 tentacles.

Name:Ropes course
Description:Ropes of evil/perv surround and enstrangle.
Damage:does 20 each turn and requires 3 actions to get out but you get insta captured so OVER 9000!!!

Name:Hiko Spawn
Description:Spawns one mini-hiko on the field for every Hiko Token gained.
Damage:Each mini hiko can spam and force the enemy to log into 4chan resulting in instant deletion.The extra numbers just make it look more uber smexy.
Mikuru Beam!

An eye beam shoots from your eye, slicing through pretty much everything. Can only be stopped by alien kung-fu.

Dmg: 180/Eye, 2TCD.
Seaking Fuck Yeah!

You throw a Seaking at target virii, and it instantly dies of shock.

13 TCD

Quote (Shadow.exe)

Damage:5 for every action used for such x 10 tentacles.



If Seraphim dies/goes insane and kills everyone, the world resets to a time where he has not done anything, and has not died. (Henceforth referred to as a "save point".) Passive.
In the tradition of the Divine Comedy... I bring you Histoire d'O.

Once I have time, but if you understand the it, it's funny enough already.
Name: Hyperbeam.
Description: Navi fails at doing this and uses Splash instead.
- Increases dodge for one turn.
- Navi can't attack this turn.
Name: Alien Kung-Fu
Description: Nagato warps over and tackles the enemy to the ground, and starts beating said opponent repeatedly.
Effect: 100 DMG then 10 hits of 10 DMG
Cooldown: 10
Name: Underhanded hawk strike
Description: The user (normally a male) rushes at an opponent and kicks them into the air. Before they begin their ascent where the regain their composure, the user jumps up into the air and and grabs the opponent. If the opponent is a female navi, he grabs her chest, causing her to go into shock before slamming her into the ground. If the opponent is male, the user grabs their crotch, causing them a great deal of pain, resulting in them losing an action to massage their hurt area.
Damage: (female)=40dmg+stun (male)=50dmg+-1 action

I'm seriously thinking of using this one
Afro blaster:
Damage:more than I should be able to count to.
Description:Blasts an afro at opponent's chest which then takes over your body's programming and gives images of "Montezuma's Revenge"

Yo momma
Description:Yo momma jumps on the opponent.
Afro Blaster should fire miniature afro-laden versions of your Navi at the opponent, ala Nabeshin. Now that would be manly!