What Are You Listening Too?

This game isn't really a game, but it's addictive! I know you're at the computer blasting music, or something is playing in the background. So, tell us what are you listening too! What's the song and artist? I'll start off as usual for example, and plus, it's my turn!

Passion - Utada Hikaru
My mother's asking me what I want for dinner-My mother.

Quote (EpsilonX)


Our Truth - Lacuna Coil

what I said in response to that topic

Megadeth (featuring...whatever that singer from Lacuna Coil\'s name is) - A Tout Le Monde
Lip gloss-Lil mama

*hangs head in shame*
We've been playing it in lessons.
Do-do-dodo-DO-do do do....DO-DODO DO DO DO!
Koyote - Emergency (bisang)

More Koyote

I a Kpop fan, Stfu plox.

No Mercy remix from one of my many Guilty Gear OST collections.


Fukai Mori - Do as Infinity - Inuyasha OST

Coming up next: Ready Steady Go - FMA OST

Rolling Star- YUI
Amon Amarth - Versus the World
D-Technolife - Uverworld
Mastodon - Aqua Dementia