Emily Delumia and Mir.exe

Rebirth of Eliza and Kina. Justification: Emily was at DenTech University recently for a guest lecture, and the prestigious Dr. Delumia was taken aside by Eliza, who offered some "gifts" (read: bribes) to Emily in exchange for putting a good word into NAXA about DenTech U's physics school. Emily insisted several times it didn't work like that, but at the end of the day she still had some extra zenny and stuff for Mir. Ah well.

Carrying over everything applicable.

Name: Emily Delumia
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Emily is a young Netopian woman, and the youthful-looking type of girl that could still pass as a teenager unless asked for her age. She's 5'8" with a surprisingly nice figure given her occupation, having respectably average curves for her height. Emily likes to attribute her good physical shape to the concept that smart people should know how to take care of themselves. Her dark blonde hair is fairly long, reaching down to her shoulder blades, but Emily rarely does anything to fix it up. If anything, her most used hair accessory is a pen she'll tuck behind a few strands for temporary storage, only to promptly forget about until Mir alerts Emily to its presence when she tries to go outside. Emily's bangs are pretty long along with the rest of her hair, and would probably get into her reddish-brown eyes often if she didn't have them parted to her right.

Despite having closets full of clothes, Emily tends to just favor blouses of various colors and cuts and denim capri pants. Worth noting, however, is a caveat that Emily wears white lab coats regularly in compliance with NAXA scientist dress codes. She does have a few collared shirts and skirts to wear on work days, but on more than a few occasions she's irked her elders by just throwing a lab coat over her casual wear. Her shoe rack is pretty expansive like the rest of her clothing options, but at the end of the day every shoe Emily owns can just be slipped on with no fuss, knots, or zippers. Though Emily's natural eyesight is not bad, she does own a pair of reading glasses as retribution for spending a few too many nights of her nerdy childhood crowded over a physics book. She does keep a medium-sized purse with her usually, though instead of whatever girly stuff might be inside for another woman, Emily's PET, Battlechips, and wallet are kept company by a variety of scientific tools and a few paper notepads. She just really can't stand drawing diagrams on her PET's screen.

What is the kind of girl that was called a prodigy as a child, and then a genius as an adult when she broke past lightspeed? Eccentric would certainly be a possible choice, though it's not really accurate for Emily. She's really pretty down to earth as a person... just with her thoughts up in space. Emily is very passionate about her work as an astrophysicist, having loved outer space as a child and followed in the footsteps of her maternal uncle and tenured NAXA scientist, Dr. Walter Neimann. That passion turns into intense focus when she's studying a phenomenon or solving a problem, so much so that Emily sometimes tunes out everything and everyone around her. It's not THAT spontaneous an occurrence, but if Emily gets an idea, she will stop what she's doing to make notes on it if at all possible.

Dr. Emily Delumia sounds... unapproachable, almost, but if you get to know her, Emily really is as human as anyone else. In other terms, that means she has plenty of flaws to compensate for her scholarly genius. She loathes literature as a subject of study, her cooking tops out at boiling water and using the microwave, and she is really quite bad with money, for starters. To that last point, keep in mind that this girl, going as far back as high school, has had hefty research grants at her disposal, and is now making doctorate money off of NAXA. The value of a zenny has never really registered with her, so Mir does all the personal budget work on Emily's behalf. Emily genuinely appreciates Mir as her Navi, partially for a lack of friends elsewhere since her colleagues are all twice (and sometimes thrice) her age, and the rest of her generation is still in college for the most part. More than once she has been a guest lecturer at a university, speaking to an auditorium of students older than herself. A healthy friendship with Mir and true dedication to her work has kept Emily from dwelling on the matter too much, but it probably wouldn't hurt if she just got the opportunity for some people her age to see her as one of them.

The Delumia Theory of Relative Lightspeed: Relative to an environment at lightspeed, a particle capable of maintaining constant position within that environment is at rest. A force exists such that contact with the particle will impart an arbitrary positive acceleration on the particle, removing it from rest. To an observer outside the lightspeed environment, this particle is moving arbitrarily faster than light.

Emily has been immersed in astrophysics almost her entire life, thanks in no small part to Uncle Walter/Dr. Neimann. She herself penned the concise Delumia Theory at age 15, drawing reference from several old and antiquated post-lightspeed theories, but it was little more but science fiction with talk of this magical particle that existed only at lightspeed. Naturally, it took the prodigal child but 6 more years to discover this particle, self-dub it the Lumian, and effectively launch herself straight up to a PhD in astrophysics and a position at NAXA almost at the speeds her new particle was achieving.

Functionally, a Lumian is seemingly much like a photon or tachyon, with the key exception that if the Lumian does have a ceiling on its speed, it has yet to be calculated. Applications to physical matter are between few and nonexistent, but early experiments into deep-space transmission have yielded entirely negligible lag throughout the entire solar system and even a lightyear or so beyond that. Emily's theory and particle discovery jumped NAXA's interstellar initiatives forward several decades at minimum, such that they're already on the verge of transmitting Navis via Lumians into the interstellar reaches of space.

==PET Modifications==
Emily's PET is NAXA-issued, and thus far beyond anything one would find on the open market. It is a custom-built silver and orange model that has a wide screen despite its compact design, and is capable of true lightspeed communication that offers effectively instant data transmission over any practical range. Hmm? Why doesn't the faster-than-light girl have a faster-than-light PET? Ask Emily that and she blames the atmosphere, saying it doesn't like moving at lightspeed. Still, for what Emily uses it for, the PET is lag-less and it doesn't get much better than that. It has a few other practical functions, as well as custom programs used to measure and monitor the various Lumian simulations Mir provides.

Name: Mir.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Cursor
Mir's design is that of a new-age astronaut, with the bulky and unwieldy spacesuit of old gone in favor of a streamlined, hi-tech model. Considering that it is still a spacesuit of some kind she wears, the contours of Mir's body are surprisingly visible thanks to the suit's form-fitting construction. Most of those bodily lines, from her arms and sides down to her legs, are covered in orange, the spacesuit's predominant color. Most of what isn't orange is a rather pale yellow, separated from the orange by silver lines. A pair of those silver lines runs down Mir's front, keeping parallel from up on her breasts down to her knees, with everything in between being that yellow while everything outside is orange. A second pair of silver lines runs a little ways up her backside, starting from the back of her knees before connecting just above her bottom. Mir's gloves have a rare instance of black on her spacesuit, with the palms, fingers, and knuckles all being that color before reverting to the normal orange on the rest of the sleeves. The only other black color on Mir's spacesuit belongs to the thick soles of her boots, which are orange otherwise and indistinguishable from the rest of her leggings.

While she doesn't actually get to experience a true space environment all that often, Mir is equipped to deal with it. She has shin guards cast of a lightweight silver alloy that fully encase her lower legs and reach up to cover her knees, and equipped into the ends of each of those are 4 tiny thrusters that help Mir stabilize her position in zero gravity. Most of her real propulsion comes from the adjustable vents set into her booster pack, a compact round device fit around Mir's shoulder blades that's also made of silver alloy. Aside from being directly connected to the suit itself, Mir's booster pack is additionally secured by a pair of clamps that reach around her sides before locking their grip just underneath each of her breasts. A silver alloy guard protects the Mir's chest, and has two bands that reach over her shoulders to link up with her booster pack. There are tight-fitting alloy bracelets just under Mir's wrists that extend into full forearm bracers on the upper sides, and both of those bracers have inset digital touch screens for data input (plus handy dandy flashlights on the ends). The last piece of alloy in Mir's suit is the collar, which is much larger than her neck so as to securely fit her helmet... that she never wears. Thankfully the alloy collar still serves a purpose regardless, as the slightly enlarged portion at the front hosts Mir's emblem, which as expected is the NAXA logo.

All that spacesuit stuff aside, there is in fact a girl inside. Mir is a young adult woman standing about 5'9" tall with solid features, particularly a larger chest than most realize. While her suit isn't bulky at all, it does disguise the curve of her bust just enough to make what Mir has look average. She has sharp yellow eyes that are particularly good at glaring, and reddish-pink hair of just enough volume to braid into a medium length ponytail. It's kept together by a small yellow ribbon at the end, but for whatever reason, Mir's braid just won't stay together when she's wearing her full spacesuit, helmet and all. The aftermath of that is mostly why Mir dislikes her helmet so much.

What kind of girl is the Navi of a genius girl that broke past lightspeed? There are a lot of ways to answer that, but in Mir's case, the correct response would be a very hard worker. Genius just isn't programmable, so Mir will inevitably fall behind when Emily really gets going on an idea. That is not to say that Mir is dumb, or even anything close to it. She's just... practically smart, in comparison to Emily's theoretical intellect. The dynamic generally works as Emily figuring out what she needs to solve a problem and Mir then figuring out where Emily can get it. That can apply to both complex issues in astrophysics and the genuinely mundane, like grocery shopping. At times it sounds like Mir can be nagging Emily, but she really does care for her Operator, and Emily the same for her Navi.

Mir's interactions with others really aren't much different than they are with Emily, as while she tries to be polite in most situations, her "bossy mode" has been in use for so long that she can just slip into it accidently. The best advice one can take is to just bear Mir's nagging when it happens, since she really doesn't mean to bother anyone and she usually does have a point, if only a minor one. Most of her colleagues and subordinates at NAXA would admit that while Mir is noisy, she does get things done and is a good leader. Mir's real dream is to get out of her research position and become one of the select few space exploration Navis, but until she can manage that, she'll give the projects she manages everything she has.

==Custom Weapon: Lumian Transmission Cannon (Ver. S)==
Mir wields the prototype model of Emily's particle theories, designed for the purpose of testing the effects of Lumian exposure to physical objects without having to irradiate some live animals at a quantum level. As it would turn out, the amount of Lumians being launched affects everything. Low-level transmissions are completely harmless, and while capable of seemingly infinite speed, can be blocked off entirely by a rogue obstruction. When the particle volume is increased, however... think atomic swiss cheese. Mir takes great care to monitor the LTC's particle density at all times, as otherwise an errant e-mail via high-level transmission would probably kill the recipient Navi.

In terms of construction, the LTC looks somewhat like a very hi-tech bazooka. Mir wields it under-handed, and it has two handles cut into the top of the alloy-built body to allow for that. The space between the two handles is mounted with most of the LTC's sensors and diagnostics, both inset and holographic. The rear side of the LTC is easily identified by its expanded size, as it must contain a Lumian filter, injector, and accelerator all within close proximity of each other. The actual Lumian-launching barrel of the LTC is much smaller than the cannon itself, as single particles don't exactly need much space to move. The rest of the open barrel is used to generate narrowing walls of light to guide the transmissions, so when firing, the LTC actually looks more like a light cannon than what it truly is.

Mir has always been the space-faring type she is, and actually predates the current NAXA project greatly. Emily had a fascination with outer space since childhood, so Mir was given as a birthday present all the way back in elementary school. Naturally, she couldn't have been carrying around the LTC before its invention, and in fact her old weapon was just a simple sci-fi styled ray gun. There were many opportunities for Mir to upgrade to more advanced weaponry, most of which Emily could eventually prove, but her total inability to program anything left Mir forced to advance and fight viruses with just her little ray shooting handgun.

Ironically, when finally able to upgrade to the LTC, Mir had to give up all her prior upgrades, as the complexity of the physics simulation code demanded a complete reformat of all of her systems. She was literally the only NAXA Navi qualified for the reformatting, since her Operator was the only researcher properly versed in Lumian theory. As a result, with the context of the deep space project, Mir is assigned as a research Navi while others on the team are explorer Navis intended to make that long-awaited trip beyond the solar system.

==Signature Attacks (60/60 points)==

LTC Discharge (30 Elec Drain, 2TCD; 60 points)
Mir shoots a high-density Lumian beam at her target, and then quickly lowers the particle output to transmission levels mid-firing. The sudden adjustment creates an electrical feedback in the LTC, as the cannon struggles to vent the excess energy. This quirk was already corrected in the physical model, but Mir actually requested that it not be patched out of her version as the feedback oddly kick-starts some of her suit's systems when they're damaged.
Mir, clear for blast off.