Top 10 unexplained phenomena


A list of what these idiots consider the top 10 unexplained phenomena.
Quite honestly, this list was disappointing for me. #2 and #4 should've been lower on the list. If not for a logical cause than just because they're more boring than the other ones.

Also, number 1, what the hell? A faint hum heard by 2% of some town in New Mexico. Whoop-dee-friggin-doo. Some of the other ones on there are much more interesting. Hell, even 2 and 4 are more interesting.
And if they're going to mention that stupid hum thing, they might as well have mentioned the Bloop. It, at least, is interesting.

Other than that, it's pretty intriguing, though.

(by the way, you click the little circle lower on the page to navigate through them)
These types of things should never use photomanipulated images. They just make it seem that much cheesier. XD
They shouldn't use images at all... If it's a science site as it seems to claim, it should just list the facts. What it's doing is romanticizing it, and adding a much-unneeded sense of drama.

This list was really dissapointing. The Bloop should have been at least number three... Now, THAT was weird.

most of the things on that list are caused by the same effect(if my research is correct)...


I won't know untill I can pull a convincing dispay myself...

although i do get dejavu all the time...
I really didn't like how the description text was formulated. Especially when they said "Science has tested this to be negative, but some people says otherwise, so we may never know!". (like the 4.)

.....what the fuck? Is there ANYTHING at all in this world everybody agrees with? I could understand if it wasn't a clear negative result, or if there was evidence that pointed otherwise, but, peoples opinions shouldn't be put as an equal weight as evidence, should it? >>

By that logic, I could just state that ants are much smarter than us, but choose to never show it. Evidence might prove otherwise, but I disagree, so we may never know!