Shirai Satou and VenusMan.EXE

As has become obvious recently, I am editing out Alexis (VenusMan's current Operator) to replace her with a new one. I am keeping everything I have right now with VenusMan. The following will be a summary of how and why.

Quote (Summary)

VenusMan's situation:
- Originally not created by Alexis. He was created by an unknown man who had helped Alexis momentarily to remove viruses from her cash register. While Alexis checked the register, the man vanished and had left the PET behind while removing VenusMan's memories. The man wore a mask, but even that detail was forgotten by Alexis.
- An in-depth check reveals a large amount of encrypted files in VenusMan's system. He wishes to find the man who made him and get answers.

Satou's situation:
- While he has parents, his father (Shirai Kazuo) is bedridden for an undisclosed time at the hospital at Beach Street. His mother ran away for a different guy shortly after the father had to be hospitalized.
- Satou lives with the sister of his father and is still school-going. He regularly meets up with his father.

Meeting situation:
- Alexis' shop has a service where she brings flowers to the hospital on request of customers. This is where she came to meet Shirai Kazuo, Satou's father.
- Satou's missing mother still buys flowers from the father once in a while, causing Alexis to meet up with the father more often. Eventually Alexis and the father got a bit of romance going.
- With VenusMan wanting to find out who he is and Alexis being stuck to the shop and Beach Street in general, she decides to hand over her PET to Satou who is more active on the internet in comparison to her.
- VenusMan is cool with this. Satou exchanges his 'standard Navi' for VenusMan.

Next up is the new Operator.

Name: Shirai Satou.
Age: 15 years old.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Satou is a healthy young boy with an Eastern skin color. His height is a little bit below the average and his weight is so as well. He has pale green eyes. His hair color is completely black and is styled in a bowlcut, a perfect line from side to side at neck height. He wears a pair of larger than average glasses with thick black rims.
He has two outfits he often wears. A uniform for school and his everyday clothes.
The school uniform consists of a closed dark gray jacket with yellow trims and red collar, cuffs and shoulder straps together with dark gray pants. He usually wears his brown shoes with this.
His everyday outfit consists of a black sweater, red shorts and a pair of regular sneakers.
Personality: Satou is out-going and active within certain boundaries. He doesn't act like he just got a gallon of sugar poured into his veins, but he's still very active. Most of the things he does are in the name of 'justice', something he's taken from the many superhero series he watches on TV. Because of him living with his Anime-loving aunt, he has taken over some of these traits. His 'heroic behavior' however can get him into trouble.
Aside from this Satou is generally an intelligent kid, being the best in his class and studying when he has to. He, however, doesn't enjoy flaunting it and prefers to just work things out without using his brains.
PET Modifications: Satou's PET is completely red with a strap on the back so he can strap it to his wrist during sports. While not specifically a PET modification, Satou's glasses are altered to work with the PET. His glasses have a thin layer that can be used as a computer screen and works with 'augmented reality' technology.

With this change of Operator, I'm also editing VenusMan's appearance slightly. The rest of him will remain the same.

Appearance: VenusMan is a tall male Navi, standing at 6 feet with a well-toned, muscular body, of a white skin color. He wears a black bodysuit; in the middle of the bodysuit is a thick horizontal line of light green, which goes around his entire body and is separated from the black on both sides by jagged edges like teeth. These jagged edges are depicted by a bright red line. The bodysuit comes up to the back of his head, under his hair, and ends beneath the chin, leaving his face uncovered.
Covering his head is a helmet, red in color, with a black visor that has a jagged bottom side. The visor's bottom side is lower on the sides while higher in the middle, while the top side always remains stuck to the helmet. On the back of the helmet is a dark green circle with in it his emblem, which is a red heart with jagged green teeth on each side. His nose and everything below that remains uncovered by the helmet. His dark green unkempt hair sticks out from the back. His eyes are entirely black with no iris or pupil in either. VenusMan's teeth are jagged and razor sharp, but with a normal white color.
Over his bodysuit he wears a sleeveless dark green flak jacket with a high collar. Where a zipper would be on both sides to close the jacket are dark green inward spikes that resemble a venus fly trap's teeth. The inside of the jacket is bright red. Jutting out of the back of his jacket, at chest level, is a dark green, relatively thick, cylinder. On the top of the cylinder is a red circle with a light green flat orb in it. Attached to the cylinder, in an X shape, are four closed flower pods. Each pod is about as long as VenusMan's arm and green in color. Attached at the bottom of each pod is a vine which is connected to the cylinder. VenusMan can control the flower pods in combat and move them freely in the air. While they're not used, the vines are stored in the cylinder with the pods attached to the outer shell of the cylinder.
VenusMan wears a set of standard Navi gloves, dark green in color. On the inside of each glove, on VenusMan's hand, is a red circle with a light green flat orb in it.
He also wears a set of standard Navi boots, dark green in color like the gloves.

... Eh, they're close enough I guess. Approved.