4 years later, I'm back!

Sorry for the unannounced leaving!

Although it's been 4 years, I hope this forum is still up and active! And I promise I won't be a bother to anyone!
Far as I can tell, the forum's still up...OR IS IT?!

Anyhow, welcome back, hope to see you in the chat/RP.
All I know is that I hope there are members and moderators are still active after all these years.

Also, I've improved a lot thanks to fanfiction writing. I hope I can show what I got in this RP forum!
You should take the time to go over your character. There has been many changes.
Well, you're a new face to me, but welcome back regardless!

As the others have mentioned, do take a glance over the rules and systems that may have changed while you've been away,

It's always nice to see someone who has a fair number of keens, and a few spoons of enthusiasm to go with them, so here's hoping to see you around the boards sometime soon!