Heya Everyone! Nice to meet you all!

I'm RS, and a few of you.. (cough*Remnant...Devine*cough*. Know me. Im running a bit behind on Life, so my activity might be a bit low until I can catch up, but I'll pop in day to day to say high and whatnot.

Back to work! Catch up with everyone Later!

Welcome, I hope you'll get a chance to join in. If you have questions or anything of that sort, I would recommend asking in the chat.
Nice to meet you, Aim! =D. I PLAN on joining in! Hehe. As soon as I can get mah Navi in, we'll be all set! *caugh* Still working on him. Need to go through the building rules on this site, and make sure everything's up to specs.
Just be sure to ask us if you have any questions. I have helped a few get their characters in order. You can reach me through PMs if you don't see me in the Chat.
Hey there, and welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself here,

Thanks guys!! It's a pleasure to meet you all! =D. I look forward to good times!! Best of luck to my competitors, and TO VICTORY for me Allies.