Joseph Akers and Sparks.exe

I have a list of the topics and all the chips, fxp, zenny, trades, and purchases that were made through my short journey back in the day. it will be given after the net op/navi profiles

Name: Joseph Akers
Gender: Male
Appearance: Caucasian. 5'9 141lbs. Short slightly spiky dark brown hair. Dark Green eyes. Slender athletic body type with slightly tanned skin. Wears a dark green polo style collard t-shirt with his navi's symbol on the right chest area. Dark blue jeans that are fading green, the jeans are slightly sagging and slightly fitted/baggy. Yellow belt. On his feet rest a pair of all white really clean, really fresh sneakers.
Personality: He's always laid back. He can be really energetic at points. He's very flirtatious and slightly perverted. Loves to show off. Very spoiled, but doesn't show it. Just like his navi he is very devoted to being the best he can be.
PET Modifications:A third generation type of PET. Has been upgraded with the same features of the most recently released PETs, it is Dark green, with yellow trim.
Back story: His navi Sparks.exe was given to him by his parents when he was very young, at the age of 5. They instantly had a good relationship and over time became best friends. A few days after they gave him the PET, they died in a car accident on the way home from a party. With his parents gone, he moved in with his grandparents. Sparks.exe was the only thing that kept him going. At the age of nine his grandfather and his navi left to hunt down a myth some would say. A giant beast like virus that was rumored to slumber somewhere deep in the net. The day the old man left Joseph promised him he'd become the best net battler in the world, and his dad promised to return after he had found the beast. From that moment on Joseph trained everyday. He became friends with the net battlers in his neighborhood and battled them every chance he got. He recently turned 18 and made the decision to start virus busting on the web. His grandfather still hadn't returned, and he hadn't became the best.

Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: His body his clothed in Dark green with yellow trimmed samurai plated armor. Long slightly wavy blond hair flows down to his waist out from under the large spiky dark green kabuto, with a yellow face mask. Yellowish green eyes can be seen in the eye holes of the mask. A Green with yellow katana handle rest at the left side of his waist, that when used a yellow electrical katana blade will burst from the handle until the slash is completed. Long green shoulder width cape from his plated shoulders down to his armored feet. The cape is golden yellow on the inside.

Personality: Filled with honor. Hates any type of cheating or lying. He's very focused in the middle of battle, especially if the enemy lands an attack. Very serious and determined. Hates to mess around. Has a very dull sense of humor. Loves conflict and a good challenge. He's very determined and motivated to be the best he can be.

Custom Weapon: He will sling a little electric ball at his opponent with his left hand

Signature Attack: [Zap Slash] - 30 Elec Damage + Slashing + Stun1 [Melee Type]. [2 TCD](30 pts + 30 pts = 60 pts) He grabs the Blade handle and slashes at the opponent in vertical motion, on contact the enemy is stunned by the shocking power of the attack.

[Elec clone] - [Decoy type]. Summons two decoys that appear to be the same as Sparks.exe for one turn.[1 TCD](20 pts + 20 pts = 40 pts)

[Electric Savage] - 20 dmg + slashing + break [Melee Type]. Sparks.exe swings the katana handel, but instead of a katana blade protruding a large electrical blade similar to that of a broadsword pops out, smashing its way through it's targed. [1 TCD](20 pts + free + 20pts = 40pts)
this was the Sparks topic, it has my signature moves in it, which were approved in these topics
Busting in my first topic by myself
200 z , plus guard 1 battle chip

Then I went here to bust with Azure and Sinnbad
Plus 2xp for talking
300z plus 1 fxp for friendly talk
Get: 2 FXP + 600z
Sparks: [WideShot1] Battlechip, 3 SINNBAD FXP, 200z
400z, +4 SINN FXP
2000z FXP: 1
All together that is 3100zenny, 11 Sinnbad Fxp

Then I went here-
Got hp memory and 2 process upgrades, the second one is further down the page because I came bck and got another one.
-1300 zenny

Then I went here-
Where I bought a sword battle chip — 1800 zenny

Then I am here-
875z + 2 FXP Blazeman
500z + 3 FXP blazeman

Last topic I busted in-
180 z

This is where I traded my wideshot1 to azure for -
Attached Cannon + ZapRing1 + 300z]

I should have 2055 zenny
5 fxp- blazeman
14 fxp- Sinnbad(aka dragonierman)
Cannon battle chip x2
Sword battle chip
Rage claw battle chip
Gaurd1 battle chip
Shotgun battle chip
Zapring 1 battle chip
npc:hp +50
2 mini energy
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