Just to let everyone known in advance. I'll be leaving this coming Saturday morning to head down to Florida and spend the week with my sister, bro in law and their two kids. While I am taking a laptop, I believe the kids are going to be there that week so chances are most if not all my free time will be taken up playing the wii with them or wrestling. So in short, I may not be able to mod much at all next week. That being said I will definitely take some time aside to get the mission threads I have modded so as not to hinder their progress.

But yeah, I'll be getting back the following Friday night, so probably be back on the following Saturday.
If you could squeeze me in too, I would appreciate it.
You missed the welcome forum by a couple pixels.

See you when you get back.
Right then, so here it is 2am, and I set out at 7am. But just had to stop by long enough to say catch ya'll while I can. And to Bomber and my mission buddies, I'll TRY very hard, to get a post in tonight after we arrive at families. I don't want ya'll to have to wait on me to long, so it's definitely on the to-do list tomorrow. As to everyone else, I'll catch ya'll all when I get any free time to myself while vacationing. Sadly I think my phone is to old for mobile chat, so yeah, later ya'll, have a great night and week!
Please, don't put RERN ahead of your family things, especially in a vacation.

Take it easy, and if anything, focus on the modlocks and nothing more. I'll try to take care of the rest.

Quote (Goroke)

Please, don't put RERN ahead of your family things, especially in a vacation.

Pretty much that. Hope you have fun, at least.
Hello hello my friends, just interrupting your daily lives to inform you all that I have returned from vacation, so yay for me and those I was modlocked with.

That's it, you can go back to your daily lives again.

PS, the vacation was great, had alot of fun with the neice and nephew.
Good to hear, we have missed you and your supermodding.