Grim on the move

I am currently at night 1 of the 3 day drive I'm making to Texas, where my aircraft maintenance school starts at 0700 on the 29th of September. I'm unsure as to how involved I will be on this site once that starts, but take this as a "just wanted to let you know" message, not a goodbye.

Heat: I know you're steadily posting with Pyre, and I will try to keep up, otherwise I will post the appropriate info in the modcave so another mod can pick it up if I drop off the radar

Twi: Will likewise post all pertinent info in the cave if I can't keep up.
See you later.
Just for the record, your avatar is very fitting of a man going to Texas, Grim.
Thanks for the heads up, hope school goes well and you still find some time to get online.

Quote (Bomber)

Just for the record, your avatar is very fitting of a man going to Texas, Grim.

Especially since he is getting into airplanes.
Grim's gonna reap airplane souls now. :U
Miss you Grim, hope you find time for chat as well!
Now finally in Sheppard and almost completely situated (still got travel vouchers and stuff to do). Heard some rather encouraging things about the relatively short and easy classes, so things are looking up. I'll keep you posted though.
We look forward to the report.
So in a fit of drunken stupidity and self-destruction, I deleted myself. Though I truly regret my monumentally moronic decision, I have to take responsibility for my actions. I apologize for every inconvenience this may cause.

Heat, your mission is over, and no more battles are planned. All of the information pertaining to Pyre is safe, and available for others to use, if you want to bust with her again.

As for the staff position, I believe Pocket would be the best replacement. His knowledge of the rules, and his new system ideas have me convinced he'd be best. If he remains here for a significant amount of time, it would be a massive improvement, especially considering how little I did as an Official.

Unless there is a way to undo the damage I've done, this is goodbye. It was a pleasure being here with all of you for ~4 years, and I wish I had the self control to prevent such an abrupt departure.
Just because you deleted your account doesn't mean you have to leave if you don't want to. Even in the worst case scenario, that you didn't have any of your Navi's stuff backed up anywhere besides your sig, you ought to still be able to carry out your modly functions with a new account and make a new Navi if you want to, right? D:

Hope you decide to stick around.
Isn't it possible to piece his stuff back together from the profiles and other threads?
What Heat said. Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to get MachMan's stuff back.

Also, ending Heat's mission isn't that simple, lol. Nobody has any idea what to reward him or anything. But we'll still take care of it if you really need to go.

I'd urge you not to go though and hope you'll decide to stay.

Azure: He was like level 30+, piecing it back together would be no easy task...
I would be up for the challenge of trying to find out what upgrades he purchased over the years, what battlechips he had used in his last couple rps, etc.
I already gave Heat his battle rewards. Other than Pyre's email address, additional FXP from non-battle posts, and one of Pyre's chips (listed in the proper place), that should be it.

I've already fucked up enough, and I can't let let myself simply come back as if nothing ever happened. I know I won't be here for much longer anyway... eh I'll stop before I just open up another can of worms and make another stupid decision.
Oi. Get on the RERN chat.
It would be a shame to loose another valued member and his interesting navi creation(s).
I disagree; it would be quite easy to come back and not have this be a major worry. These things blow over faster than you may realize and we've all done very silly things in the past. Getting MachMan back together may be difficult, but you could theoretically piece together things you could prove he had and get him up to that level. Even if not, we'd genuinely appreciate having you around.

The important part is that you didn't do any damage to anyone but yourself, so you haven't stepped on any toes or anything. I'm not sure why you did it, but I doubt anyone would object to restoring things the way they were.

Alternatively, if you would rather not have things the way they were and rather just return as a new player and non-mod, that's fine.
I destroyed myself, and I gotta live with that. I'm gone.
Ha ha ha, because I haven't done enough shit to get me banned 10 times over. Stay. Get back on the chat, and I swear to fucking god I will piece your profile back together myself if I have to. But leaving like this would be unacceptable.