I've arrived!

:ph43r: Actually, that's a bit bold even for me. Anyway, yeah. I am new here.

Things you shouldn't mention around me: God of War. Politics. Religion. Religious history.

I don't care how much you hate:
Jesus Christ Superstar. It's amazing, hate it all you want.
Monster Hunter/Freedom. It's the best series Capcom has right now.
Reading novels. I pity the fool.

I really like...
Katawa Shoujo.
The Dresden Files.
Progressive music.

I'm Male. And 19.
Dresden Files. Cool beans.

Come to the chat if you have any questions.


Welcome, welcome. I'm PA, come to the chat if you have questions, odds are good that I may or may not be there.

Quote (Al the Killer)

I'm Male. And 19.

I'm Male. And 25.