Hi guys!

New user jacks in! I just got my account accepted (after like, one month) and is finally ready for action. So..what too say? I hope I will do good and stuff so yeah... seeya in the RP!
Well, good day to you then, Kurai. Follow rules, don't be an ass, and just have fun. Colored-name people (me included) are happy to help you if you need any. Hope you get comfortable with us here at RE:RN, and come on over to the chat. Which is in General La-de-da > RE:RN Chat and Frappr, but you can just click on that link.

Chat's where most members hang out, so you can get instant feedback on whatever you're curious about. We're generally a nice bunch, but be prepared for the general oddness. (<__< Understatement.)
Hello there I am Syriene, the guy who always seems to pose confusing rules questions >.>. Well, As Fera said, don't be an ass and have fun while following the rules. I also want to extend an invite over to the chat, that is a good place to be and you can ask any questions you might need to.

Enjoy to stay here at RERN and bust with speed and power, all that Jazz
Hope you have fun here.
Your name worried me, but your demeanor assuages that worry! Welcome to RE:RN, and remember to read the rules when constructing your character!

Other than that, is there anything you'd like to tell us about you personally? We're all deranged psychotics, obviously, but just what kind of psychotics we are is fairly well established by now. What about you?
"Help us help you unwittingly help us help a helpless nation of helpful people."

That is the credo of RERN.

At least, for the next 8 seconds.



(^.^ )b
I'm the usual. An computer nerd and a big fan of the battle network community. I see it as a gift from god that I found this place. Thanks for the warm welcome guys ^^