Hello. I'm Juroko. I'm a fan of Megaman and Dyson mentioned this place to me. I figure'd I'd give it a shot and see how things go.
Yay, lots of new people. Good to have you and hope you enjoy your time here.~
Hey there!
Sup with it?
Yoh newbie. Enjoy your stay here.
Yo. We always like having new members, and coming in with friends is even better, so we have more character interaction etc. To get back on subject, if you have any sort of questions about registration, rules, or the site itself, feel free to ask any of us (especially those with blue, green, or yellow names). Also stop by the chat so you can mingle with the other members, and get more real-time answers to your questions, and helpful hints and tricks.
Good day, and welcome to RE:RN!
Here at RE:RN, we like people. And fists. We like that too. Though that's mostly Aim.

Follow rules, and if the signature system is a tad tricky to understand, here's a simpler version. (A lot of our newbies get scared of it, lol)
Hope you enjoy your time here! Welcome!
Ahhh, thank you for the warm welcome. I'm a old hand in rping, but hey, seeing people willing to help is always nice.

Anyways, already made my character. I really hope my idea hasn't been done before, but I hope I got the general jist of things.

If so, you may get a cold loving trap and his Aqua/Ground netnavi.
Oh god, a person that looks like a little girl but is really a legal male?
Suien's going to have his sh*t rocked if he makes some sort of mistake around this one.

In any case, welcome to the RP. I'm PA, and if you need help, or just want to chat, we're all generally hanging out in the Chat, found in the General La De Da part of the forum.

So, welcome, and have fun!