Many Greetings

Hello everyone, you might remember me from such posts as the one in the advertising section, however shockingly I'm more interested in making a character here and have been taking my good time preparing to get serious about it.

My name is Dyson, I'm a long-time forum RPer, IRC and pen & paper RP. I'm a fan of the Megaman games, having played/watched/enjoyed most of the games and particularly beaten the hell out of MMBN 1, doing the same in 3 remains to elude me.

You can blame Raikou for inviting me to check this place out, by the way.

I've already got a pretty nice character concept thrown together the last time I checked out all the rules, so hopefully I'll have a character completed in good time.

I hope to enjoy RPing with all of you.
Good to have you on board, then. I understand Raikou's getting close to having his character done, so maybe you two can team up and stuff. :V
Yo. Good to have you.

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I hope you enjoy RPing with all of you.

Why would I RP with myself? *cough, shifty eyes*

That said, welcome aboard, then.
Nice catch, Fera. Luckily, I'm a good enough person to own up to a mistake and change it, and then quickly blame it on having posted at 4:30 AM.

Lots of good people around here, it seems, from the fair number of replies.
Yo. Enjoy your stay.

*mumbles something about having to finish a character over at OP*
Hello, welcome, the name's PA.
Damn, we've been getting quite a few new members lately. Quite refreshing, to be honest. If ever you're confused about site mechanics, history, or inside jokes, there are threads pertaining to all of them, and if the rules are what confused you in the first place, the chat's always open.

So, have fun!
Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Hello. :>