Uh... I haven't been here in a very long time. So I have no idea whats going on here anymore. =O

However, I will be rejoining this site... slowly but surely. I'm going to be pretty busy this month, so I won't be around to much, but I'm going to make a new character and the like, and hopefully get a fresh new start on this site.

So... I'm back. But I doubt most of you remember me anyways, so I hope I can get to know you guys, since that is most likely going to be the case.
Hello FH, long time no freaking see dood, welcome the hell back.
XD Shiz... I remember you Darkstar. You came over to the EXE RPG. and thank you. =D
Oh hey, welcome back.

There's been major changes to the buster and sig systems, and Subtypes are totally brand new, so take a look at those.

Also, the starting pack is a bit... different.
Welcome back, person I have no idea of identity.
Immerse yourself in delicious new rules.
Heaps of them.
Hm... I should take a look at those Rules again. Though, I do understand the general jist of your battle system.
Signature System In Brief:
You get 60 points to spend on signatures.
You may create as many signatures as you wish, not exceeding the 60 points.
A basic signature would be damage, which is 1:1 damage:point ratio.
Therefore, a damage signature that used all 60 points would look like this.

Active: Giant Beam
Effect: Damage (60)
Points used: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Cooldown is calculated by the amount of points used divided by 40, always rounded up. So, if you've got, say, 41 points in one sig, TCD would be the same for 80 points of another sig, 2 turns of cooldown.

Oh, and that active thing indicates that the sig is one-use, and has to cool down before using it again. Passive sigs can be made at 4x the cost, which are automatically used every turn.

Of course, you're not expected to spend all the points, so if you have some points left over, you can just leave it as it is.

Signatures can be added with extra stuff, listed in the 'Signature Attack Effect List' in the Rules section. An advanced signature would look something like:

Active: Cursor Gunner
Effect: Damage (50) Take Aim (10)
Points used: 60
Cooldown: 2 TCD

Hope that helped. =D

(PS: Your point total can be increased by buying Process Upgrades in the Navi Shop in SciLabs. Each costs 100z more than the last, and increases your total by 40 points. You can only have as many PUs as your level, level 10, 10 PUs.)

Oh my god... it makes so much sense now. Thank you so much! =D