Summer vacations1

Hi guys.Me and Sora 94 are the newest members in this rp.We would like to wish you a nice summer and be sure that we will be online almost always.
Welcome to the RP, have a good time here, don't break any rules.
-floats away-
Hi everyone! I am sure I will enjoy this rpgame. Have a nice summer!!!
Hi there! Welcome to RE:RN! If I may ask, how do you two know each other?
We are cousins.
Hello there, and welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your stay here and have fun in the roleplay.


Wow, your guys' parents must suck.

Feel free to direct questions to people with colored names that don't look aquamarine. Enjoy your stay here.
Good evening, I'm Grim. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about Navi/NetOp registration, signature attacks, netbattling, etc. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and get you on your way to the RP.

Quote (RevivedSin)

Feel free to direct questions to people with colored names that don't look aquamarine. Enjoy your stay here.

Way to sell us trainees short, RS. We could probably help with general questions anyway.

On to the obligatory "welcome".

Thank you all guys for your support.But can someone check my profile plz to tell me if it is ok? i like this rp very much.
So I'll explain to you the basics of the signature system.
You start with 60 points to allocate to as many sigs as you like.
For example, if you simply wanted one, 60 damage sig, that's fine.
If you wanted to add, say, Take Aim (10 points), you could have 50 damage and Take Aim.
You could, in theory, do 60 1-damage sigs, which would be extreeemely impractical.
For every 40 points, you add 1 cooldown.
Any excess is counted as 1 cooldown as well.
Ex: Blast Shot (60 damage) - 2 cooldown
i am posting this for a friend to help me in the tabs.once he help me it will be deleted!

<a href="javascript: togglebar('1'); void(0);">Operator</a><div id="1" class="signaturetab">Name:Giannis

Appearance:Giannis has short and black hair but a few people have seen it because he always wears a red hat.His eyes are brown behind the sunglasses he always wears.He loves wearing different types of T-shirts but especially he prefers red and white.His pants are black and clean because he washes them every day.He is 1 and 75 metres tall and 80 kilos.

Personality:Giannis is a very cool person and he can be calm even in the most dangerous situations.He always helps his friends,to all their problems.He is very selfish because he believes that he is the best operator in the whole world.He is also very shy to beautiful girls.He loves his netnavi Gigaman and he is determined to protect him whatever happens to him.He shows big respect ot his parents and he wishes to become the best operator in the world.He studies much though because he wants to become a great scientist.

Pet Modifications:He has a red and green PET.</div>
Delete your signature, then put this in:

Giannis Megatone's Profile
Gigaman's Profile

<a href="javascript: togglebar('1'); void(0);">Gigaman's Stats</a><div id="1" class="signaturetab">HP: 100
Element/Subtype: Normal/Sword
Actions: 3
Buster Stats: 1/1/1
NCP Equipped: Atk +1, Rpd +1, Chg +1, Undershirt (40/40)
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('2'); void(0);">Signature Attacks</a><div id="2" class="signaturetab">Giga beam: Gigaman throws a huge beam that dmages any opponent caught in its way. (20 dmg + 2 Turn Cooldown)
Sword Combo: Gigaman attacks three times with his Giga sword and causes a big amount of damage to his opponent. (40dmg + 2 Turn Cooldown)
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('3'); void(0);">BattleChips</a><div id="3" class="signaturetab">Cannon x1 (40dmg + Knockback)
Shotgun x1 (50dmg + Splash)
Rageclaw x1 (40dmg + Slashing / 20dmg + Impact)</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('4'); void(0);">Sub Items</a><div id="4" class="signaturetab">MiniEnergy x2</div>
Actually, it's enough if he renames his tabs and the toggle things...