Later, folks~

My brother, who was in China for 5 months, and my Grandmother from Korea came over this week and I'll be pretty busy trying to take care of her and such. Also, I'll be taking my family's "last" trip together to Washington since my brother will be attending a medical school over there, so I won't know how my internet access will be available or not. Overall, I won't be active as much for a good two weeks or more; and for those that I have the mod-locked placed, I'll make sure to put down the instructions so other mods can take over. (I think this only applies to Niax, CC, and Pally. But if there are others I forgot, TOO BAD.)

Hope that you won't get your index finger chopped off by a treadmill like one of my friend did and not be so idiotic to panic and not place the severed finger into an ice so that the doctor may actually have a chance to attach it~ Love you guys~.
Quad Era Treadmillstratum.
No! Now who will mod my odd encounter with cyber farmers?


Kidding, I can read. Enjoy your trip, return swiftly.
First Pocket, now you.

*feels deserted and lonely*

Do what you need to, then 'git' your ass back here.
Well, I arrived at the first motel of my road trip...and I guess it's alright with the 9 hour drive :U

Saw couple of interesting things, such as the "SJ Delta College," Glad to see someone influential in this site. Also saw three roads with the word "Diablo" when I was traveling from Southern California to Sacramento. I learned from MULTIPLE road signs that the Congress created the dust bowl, so I just have to believe it D:

<hauls ass while everyone's away>

<whips RS, orders to go faster>

Keep on truckin', Mog.

Quote (Goroke)

"SJ Delta College"


Reached the 2nd day of my family road trip and...I was bored out of my mind. However, I did see couple of interesting things. Saw "Shasta Lake" and "Soda Creek," awesome to see a body full of average. Also came across Southern Weed, Central Weed, North Weed, and Weed Rest Stop...really interesting I guess D: And finally, there's a fort named "Fort Jones Etna"

In my travel, I realized how much Northern California...just...SUCKS. First when I came across Sacramento, I was shocked when I realized how it looked EXACTLY the same as LA. Very original. Second, when we stopped by a small outlet and realized that everything didn't open until 11 AM...WTF.

Also, I happened to purchase a small shirt in a clearance for 5.40, but the cashier had some problem with the computer and put in the exact amount of the cash into the computer rather than the 10 I gave her. I told her that "You can just give me 3.60 and it'll be fine," (I was in a real hurry and my math was a little off >__>) but she nodded no and had to ask her manager and she said the same thing as I did. But even that wasn't enough as she started to type some things on to the calculator (10-5.40) and she messed up like...three times before giving up. And here comes the best part, even though I said 3.60, she gave me 6.60. So I scored 2 more dollars because she didn't have elementary education D:

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention. I saw a sign saying "Sharis' Burger," and I misread it as "Char's Burger"...I freaked first, but began to cry the second later when I realized it wasn't Char's Burger...


EDIT2: I guess I should make this clear. I won't be modding at all during the time I'm in the road trip. I'm taking this as a little "break," but I'll be in full motion when I come back~
*wants to go on a roadtrip too*

Enjoy what you can G, and stop looking for the bad bits.
*doesn't want to go on a road trip, hates cars and extended travel distances*

Sj's right, focus on the fun parts. And I find that I best cope with long drives by listening to music, so if you haven't, you could try that.

Also, I find it funny that some people go to multiple states in one day while I've never even been across the border 20 minutes from my house.
Well, I'm back from the trip, but don't plan on my activity just yet. I still need to take another trip soon for my church, so this weekend is shot along with tomorrow since I need to help my parents sort things out. I guess...that's it. I'm pretty tired right now, so I guess I wanted things to be short and sweet~

Yay, Mog's back... and gone again.
Hey Mog.

Bye Mog.