Late Hey

Hey all sorry about the late timing of this post, but ive just been so engrossed in the many different things that have been happening in the forums.

Anyway, Hello!!!
Hello. I've been reading all of the newbies' posts a lot, and I think you show some promise. ^^;

If you don't use Mozilla, I'd consider it, because the one thing that could improve your posts a lot is the lack of simple grammatical or spelling errors, and sometimes just indenting (hitting enter twice) for each new speaker and doing a speaker tag for each. Anyways, had to get that in, I'm obsessive and I just want to help.

So, welcome, keep RPing, keep making our site better! Looking forward to seeing you on the chat sometime in the future.
Sorry about the errors, I've never been that good at spellng, but I really hope that I can learn all of these good qualities and become a good RP'er
Well, mechanics and good RP really don't have much to do with each other as long as it's readable. However, it's always nice to have good grammar. We've had a lot worse, trust me. :'D
Hey! Don't worry so much about the RP. I'm sure everyone here was like that in the beginning. It's just the matter of getting use to the RPing and you'll definitely get better~~

Anyhow, I hope you're enjoying your stay in RE:RN.
Thanks or the warm welcome

To Hell...

But that's why I'm here. To ensure your experience at RERN doesn't encounter too many difficulties! ^^

PM me or any other people with COLORFUL NAMES if you have any questions. Our Suggestions and Questions forum is also available if you don't get anything. ^^

Anyway! Enjoy your stay!