Uh, hi! Again.

People probably don't recognize me, which makes sense since I was never a very active member of the forum in the first place. So first things first: I'm Tarkya. I joined this forum who-knows-how-long ago, had some fun, and then proceeded to vanish entirely when I hit a pothole in life and forgot how to have fun, and then forgot this place.

Probably would have continued to forget about it too, if it weren't for the fact that a)I found my previously lost copy of Megaman Star Force, thus getting me back into the general Rockman/Megaman fandom, and B)I never got rid of the bookmark to this place. Came back, looked around, and proceeded to wonder why I left in the first place.

Sooo here I am, reading through rules and hoping to get around to a new start on this forum. :V Don't hurt me too much?
Funny enough, I remember your avatar. So welcome back, I guess. XD
Yo, long time no see! Hope you'll be able to settle back in.
Oh hey! Welcome back!
You couldn't have come at a better time. With all of the new people pouring in and new moderators to ensure they get moderated, it's perfect for people who need to get back in to the RP.

And I remember you, though more so for some brief Makai activity than RERN stuff. But it's good to have you back.
I remember Makai! I still have that bookmark too, and looked over the site a little while ago and was considering getting back into that as well.

...I don't clean out my bookmarks enough.

Good to know I'm coming in a good time. Hopefully I'll do a little better this time around, since I've gotten older and a little less... fangirly. I'm gonna be making use of that lovely shelving rule, because it is weird looking over my old characters and seeing how different I was back then.
Wow, this is certainly a good time for new and returning members. I don't remember much about you, just that you were pretty good at what you did.

Now we just need Rapidman back or something.
Yea! There's so many new members and returning members, I'm gonna cry tears of joy TT^TT

Anyhow, I'm one of the new moderators~ If you need any RP modded, I'm your man! I need to remind you that we had a big change over the years, so you may want to revise your navi if you want to continue RPing~


-RE:RN's Moogle Bread, Goroke