Omg here u are............

omg im glad i found you guys again. i was all like wanting to get back here but the site said it was gone..........

but then i found this!!!!!!!!!1 omg, i cant wait to go and start up were i left off, i got a question, though. i can have my old navie, right????????????????????????? i don't want to lose all that stuff agin.,

wat happn to my old acount anyways? i'd like it back if I cuold....



Nice try nazi.

hint: Your going to have to shape up VERY quickly, because the site doesnt really take to people who ignore things like rules, or common internet policys.

I suggest you read the rules, remove the smilies from future posts, and to your question about the old site, it was deleted.

If you need help, PM me or a mod/admin. In fact you may want to PM a mod/admin to see if you can get the returning member bonus.

And to your suggestions topic: Rogue net is something new, its for higher levels so you dont have to bother with it at the moment.

EDIT: WTH? Drakim what? Im suspicious too but, you do know that he said he has JUST found the site (again?).
[lols to no end]
oh wait...DANGIT

I have fail on my face.
This is so obviously an April Fool's joke, it's no .... no, wait, it actually is kinda funny.
Yeah...About your Navi. I have good news and I have bad news.

Good news: He recieved a promotion to Lieutenant Porter. Rejoice!

Bad news: He was brutally deleted by two crazed Navi in Electown Net. Sad day.

Well, looks like you'll need a brand new Navi.
Hey! Welcome back! Say, you know, we've changed the undernet since the last time you were here... it just says "if you're ready." Care to try your luck?
But then, who needs luck, with your skill and battlechips?
I think that he's good enough to earn himself a support program just out of pure skill and awesomeness, just from the two or three RP posts that I've seen so far.

Say, hello there! I'm not very new on this forum, but I've not seen you before. Hiko here, previously yahiko9040.
i'm not even gonna pretend to be nice. i'm just gonna say this and never say it again. can't WAIT for the failure to come from you.
I think it's an April Fool's Joke.
I smell Twi...
no Nal thats cause you have some of Twi's hairs up your nose for some odd reason that i probably dont want to know.
Sora is correct, this is totally not Twi's style.

Anyway Porter, welcome back to the site, now go out and delete those viruses I sent against you! YOU'LL HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM!
u gonna get raeped