Hey guys. To those who were around to hear it, I'm not gone, but rather lack netz at the moment. We finally have some at home yet, but it's Dial-Up, which has its complications. As such, I'll still be low on activity until prolly around another month, when we should have the resources for better. Just a heads-up was all. 'Til next time, peace...
Zanzo! My Z-Force Brethren. I used you as inspiration when I aced Holy Diver on the 80's Guitar Hero. Hope you are back to full strength soon.
I still use dial-up...

And, while I'm at it:


I banish you dial-up users back to the caves that spawned you!

(has bad memories about dial-up)
"Get off the internet so I can use the phone."


Okay, we've confirmed you really aren't a zombie, so best of luck getting REAL internet back.

And stuff.
There are still people who use Dial-up? Jeez, I thought they made that illegal about a year ago. I remember hearing about a guy being sentenced to life in prison for murdering his social life with it.

Yes I hate Dial-Up my mom does the same thing.
It may be slow, but I really don't miss that much. At least, I tell myself that. At least mine is reliable. Except when it rains, when it mysteriously doesn't work...
I had dial-up a few years ago. Of the make-some-popcorn variety. Then I got high-speed.

I could never go back. >_>