Okay. An agreement has been reached. I can stay here, but I can only be on the site for a half hour a day.

No one bash this agreement. I like it. I'm okay with it. And, I'm still going to be here on the site.

*thumbs up*
Half hour a day, huh? Hmm...That's just enough time to mod me. I'm cool with it.

Heh, seriously though, a half hour is a bit skimpy, but at least you can stick around.
Wut? Wai?

Half hour's a bit short for my tastes.

But at least you're still here.
Yay!! You're back!! Wait-- I didn't miss you. >_< Not to be mean. Sorry. Well, I'm glad you can at least hang around. It would be sad if you couldn't.
NOOOO!!! at least you get to stay......but i say you try to get it bumped up to about an hour.....or more if posible.
Studies show that the optimal rate that a child or teenager needs a break for is at most, 2 hours.
If the child is not given relaxation time for at least 30 minutes a day, this will possibly lead to a stressful environment and your child may commit suicide.
Please make your child have fun.
This has been a public service announcement from the Internet.

Okay PA, show that to your parents. They might believe it.
Wait, actually, that doesn't help at all. D:
Eh, glad you get SOME time.
Could be worse.

Of course, you could check some stuff in 15 minutes, copy and paste it all into note pad, spend hours RPing/modding off of the site, THEN, use your last 15 minutes of the day to post said stuff!
XD at Steve's idea.
I thought of it, but it seemed... I dunno, underhanded. Cheating the system.

But I've made a decision: Due to a HUGE overlooking on my part, I actually have unlimited time here... in a sense. I have to work for my time here. But I will, and I'll keep my modding duties, and I shall STAY ACTIVE!

That is all.