I am back!

Hello, everybody. Some of you may remember me, but I feel that I have not done enough to make myself known to the general public. But that's neither here nor there. I feel I must explain my extended AWOL, to help clear the air before my return.

To put it simply, I had just went through a VERY rough period fo my life. It started in mid-march, When I heard the news that my grandfather, whom I looked so highly to, had passed away for natural causes. He was 78. I had to take a little time off to deal with the funeral and my internal grief. But I can easily say that was not the worst of it. About an hour after my family layed him to rest, I get a call from my girlfriend. Her sweet voice would definitely lift up my spirits.

She had called to tell me she was dumping me for another man.

Yes, she was the queen of awkward moments, and this would be her crowning moment. But during the funeral, I was strangly calm. Maybe it was the despair, maybe I knew our relationship was slipping. Either way, I just wished her the best and fell into a bigger slump.

A week later, I was ready to return to work, but that morning, I recieved a phone call from my boss, who was also a good friend. She had called to let me know she she closed down the office and was filing for bankruptsy. But that was no suprise, as she had let me know that profits were slipping more and more about twice a week. It was no fault of the employees, it was a lack of customers.

So that all happened within a short amount of time, so you would understand that I wasn't in the mood to come here to play. But by now I have gotten my life in order. I have a new job, and there are no new problems on the horizon. So I figured I would come back to here as of today.

But there will be a few changes. Mostly, I will no longer be using Myrmidionman. I know now that he is about as creative as a baked potato. We already have many warrior types, and they are more inventive than mine. (Militiaman comes to mind...) So I will be making a new navi from scratch. And I hope to make a bigger splash roleplaying wise.

So in conclusion, I just hope I am welcome back here.
Heh, welcome back member of the RECN crew! man......sounds like a series of unfortunate events book to me, hope everything gets sorted out soon or we may lose you completely!
I remember you, vaguely. We're always glad to see people come back.
Cecil! Buddy! I remember you. You were the guy with the met soccer thing, right?
Good God, that's horrible. I hope everything's getting better for you. ;~;

If it helps at all, I remember your posts. They were all pretty excellent. Looking forward to seeing your new character.