In a flash of green light, he appears...

So, in the event I haven't, you have my sincerest greetings and salutations, friends.

My Navi and Operator ought to be up shortly, I'm working on the finishing touches, however crude they may be. I have to say though, I'm rather liking this system.
Joy, we have new members.
<turns to the administration>
They're spawning like hotcakes!
really? I rather dislike this system...
You should meet Zerosaber, you two could be bestest buddies!
helo new person, i am darkstar, i am n00b of the site and most abused member here, hope you enjoi your stay. watch out for an admin known as twi, he likes to put down people, espesualy me.
NOOOO! Don't speak of Twinky like that!!! Twinky rocks! And you are only put down cause you are a meanie at times...but your still a nice person!

Im Lunarlion, AKA Lunar or Monkeygirl cause I'm a monkey nut! Even my navi is a monkey!

Anyway, I'm glad to help you if you need it.
<smacks forehead>
I just realized that lunar has a snack fetish like I do.
Anyway, the Suggestions and Questions Board is always useful if you want to know anything.
Be sure to look at SpaceMonkeySteve's Great Guide to Roleplaying and The Everything You Want to Know thread!

Come to the Spam Can as quickly as possible.
'Ello, I'm Hiko.
Fuck, that rhymed...
Yes. Welcome to the site! Be careful not to be raped in the chat, tho...:3
I havent got raped yet.

Twi groped me, but thats it.

Anyway. hi.
sup. i'm FH. You can also just call me Fatal if you want. Um...i got nothin' else.
Rapage is a common occurance where I come from (various sites), so that's no big deal. Thanks for the welcomes, though. And yes, I've read a large portion (if not all) of the available material here, just to see what you've got to offer... It seems that there's a lot of people here that I can get along with. <,<
Anyway, I'll be with the social forums in a bit, I just got home.

I\'m LordHothead, aka LHH, aka CPU_Ninja, aka the guy who\'s more metal than you.

Yeah, I\'m the resident metalhead. And since Drakim doesn\'t do much in the way of RPing anymore, I think I have the only assassin navi.
and I r commondragon........I guess