Exam Time

So yes, Heat and I hopefully will be mostly gone for a pretty long time, probably extending until the end of this week. My teachers are silly and think that it's a good idea to throw tons of tests and projects at us at the same time as exams, so that leaves the few days before exams and during other exam days for any real study. >_<;

Anyways, this message was mostly put out there for those I'm modding. For one thing, if you're in ACDC, you may move slightly slower; sorry about that, but EN should be back pretty soon to pick it up. For another thing, I think I have a 5th battle miniboss on De-1337-ed's thread that somebody could pick up and help mod, and another .GMO mission for Darkstar. If somebody would like to simply invent a plot device, such as "reassignment" or "a more pressing issue" and take that themself, that would be good.

I might be on some during the week, but I have no idea when those times would be, and I doubt I'll be doing any moderation during them, as I need to try to keep any time here extremely brief until this weekend.
DAMN YOU SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!! Oh well......cya later aim, i have about 15 maybe 16 days left till school gets out and i only have one or two class periods that i would have a test in, anyways, cya aim, hope that you don't get raped by the tests.
Hey guys, try not to fail and flunk out of school, alright?
Being an intern has its advantages.

Hope you do well.
*hums yodels*
Seeya, guys.
Oh, well. Our school gets out on the 15th....