Momentairly Decreased Activity

So, yeah. Name says it all, huh? I've got a couple reasons for cutting back a little, y'know, geekly pursuits, hanging out with friends, watching anime, my rekindled WoW addiction...

Okay, I'm gonna be honest. Those are perfectly fine reasons, but they aren't the main deal. I've had some less than fun things happen to me in the past few days, starting at 0030, Monday. I'd rather not go into full details, I might be a story teller but I hardly enjoy bogging people down with my problems, but I will say this. I greeted my boss over the phone with the line, "Does the company truck have insurance?" Yeah. Oh yeah. Let that simmer for a while.

So I'm dealing with some issues, blah, blah, blah. Sorry fellas. I'll be updating threads I've engaged myself to, the DnD thread and the Hospital Event, but my presence in the chat room will be next to nothing. My posts will also be slowed down, due to things like personal reflection, me time, possibly getting taken to court, y'know, the usual jazz. Heh. Righto, just didn't want to seem a deadbeat for dropping silent all of a sudden. Later.

Good Luck.
uhhhh.....why do i get the feeling he's doomed at work. hope things do well.
Tom, you are such a deadbeat.
Yeah, yeah, I know.

At anyrate, things seem to have panned out. I really don't know what to say. I mean, there's nothing coming down on me. No deductions or fines, no suspensions or the like, from what I understand they're not going to do anything. I have no idea how or why, but I seem to have gotten off. What's more, I just got something in the mail! It's the promotion I was being told about!

But I wrecked a truck! How the heck do I get promoted after that? Not that I'm complaining mind you, it's just a bit of a shock... Anyway, I'm back to normalish activity now, I do believe. Weird how this all turned out though...
Why not on GU?
Because GU sucks of course. Nor can he get the emotional, intellectual conversation that is in full supply here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously though, he probably just lacks the time.
Tom, I would like you to at least give your plans to Zero for the classes.
You barely even started it...
You're a baaaaad daddy, Tom. Abandoning your baby forum to a 12 and 12-year-old...

Quote ()

But I wrecked a truck! How the heck do I get promoted after that?

...I could joke about that some....but that might be a bit rude.... But at least you did not get fired due to it or anything like that.

.....Then again, the joke would have involed a hippo, a toster, and a bag of frozen peas..... Don't ask.
Heh, that's just what got me the most. Unbelievable. I got the promotion after I wrecked the truck. Crazy...

And Yahiko... That really was just about everything I had on classes. I was making it up as I go. I stopped going because I stopped having fun. The only thing I apologize for is leaving without saying anything. Sorry guys. But the GU forum just wasn't doing anything for me.
Then SAY you're leaving. Gawd.
Now GU is entering another dark age...