Hello everybody...

I don't think you guys remember me from the original RM:CN forum, but...


Hi. This is my great return, I guess...
I think I remember you, but I can't be sure. You were an older member, correct? Before my time, at least.
Anyway, welcome back. I think you'll find that the forums have greatly improved, both in terms of mechanics and plot.
must.....stab.....nall.....welcome back person i don't know.
Your name looks familler, so you must have been around my time, well anyway. Welccome back.
Thanks for the welcome, guys.

But... is there any way to salvage my old navi from the now closed RM:CN boards?
I kinda miss him...
probly no...unless you remembered what he looked liked and stuff.
I do... vaguely... but a refresher would be nice. Who closed the old forum anyway? Nalerenn? Cestus?
nal....he was pissed because he wasn't made an admin he throws a temper tantrum and closes the site.
I think I know you...were you the guy that got PA-owned in scilab or got ripped a new one in the undernet?
Yeah... that was me. I got ripped in 2 by the... the... (Geez! I forgot its name!) thing in the undernet. Didn't I get a "Most PA Pwned" award or something (Or at least a nomination)?

Ah... good times, good times...
Ah. Yes. I've heard your name.
Can't remember where. Prolly saw you on the old forum, tho.

Anyways, yeah. Nal went all bitchy as only he can, and shut down RE:CN (or as you call it, RM:CN)

So... to sum up...

Quote (On what happened to the old site)

Kamikaze_Squirrel: What happened? Did Nal go Cestus on us?
P.A. Master: No. Nal went NAL on us.
Oh. I see. (He was screaming... "Fine. You think you're too good for me? Go ahead. Run your two-bit knock-off. See if I care. Just remember where you got the ideas, system, everything. Try all you want, you'll never forget. Just know one thing. If it wasn't for me, even your little "site" wouldn't exist." Geez. Did somebody invent PMS for guys while I was out?)


Yeah. I'm back.

Hm..You could try a cache search for the character.
'Ello, mate!
I wasn't on CN for long. I joined two days before the closing.
Welcome, anyway...
Just to tell ya. Thirty seconds before he closed the site he yelled at me on AIM.....DAMN WAS HE A PISSED OFF VOLCANO OF UTTER NONSENSE SPEWING COCOA PUFFS TO THE MOON! He was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly maaaaaaaaaaaaaad! I feel bad for some people that didn't get the message on this site. POOR THEM!

Im glad your here though! YAY!

And actually......gous DO get PMS! Isn't that amazing?!
However we don't have menstrual cycles. <is shot>
Unless... <is baka hammered>
Welcome to the new site.
Thanks, all of you. I'm happier now.

Except for him.

Yeah. That ninja there.

In the corner. I don't think he's happy...

...meh...old member returns...

Welcome back I guess...I'm from another site that would tell you about but can't advertise...

um...I'mdarkie Fatal horizon, but call me FH. My old name was darkie from RE:CN, so you can call me darkie if you wish.

...welcome back...(>'')> <( '' )> <(''<)

Quote (callmekaos)

Hello everybody...

I don't think you guys remember me from the original RM:CN forum, but...


Hi. This is my great return, I guess...

I remember you. You were in my group in the great undernet expedition in which Medic's Navi got clocked. No offense, but that was funny. I can remember the names.

Snooker, who I don't believe beat anyone.

Cer, Ber, and Us, who ripped your guy.

And Tempus, who clocked Ozho.

But these are Cestus' guys, so no stealing the names.

I don't think he wanted them remembered. Well, I dunno.