The title says it all. While chatting on AIM on saturday, my computer went KABLOOOIE! It suddenly froze an dwont work anymore. I'm getting it repaired. LUCKILY It should be working tomorrow so horrah!
Hope your computer gets better soon.
Sweet. It's a good thing you can still post using wonderful psychic powers.

Well, a speedy recovery to you. Glad repair will only take a day or so.
No! Lunar! What will I do without your adorable laughter and childlike idealism? Without your guiding light, the darkness must surely devour my soul....
Don't worry, Zan, I can hold off just this once. I've devoured enough souls today anyway.
I went to Moxie's.
It was grand.
But the souls of the sleazes in the lounge have one hell of a rotten aftertaste... Eugh.
Okeeeeeeeeay......Ive been informed that it SHOULD be fully repaired tomorrow. If it is I can update faster. YAY!
Gah! I missed this topic! So that's why I haven't seen you around except for a few fleeting visits, Lunar-chan. Hope to see you on again soon~
We only have to wait one more day...

So here's a preemptive welcome back!
OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My computer is worse than they thought. It will be a bit longer. The longest is estimated 3 WEEKS!!!! If they cannot fix it I get a new one though.

Positive thing is that all my data was saved. YAY!

Bad news is I wont be so active. BOO!
Nooo!!!!! *Falls to knees and cries* What shall I do without your majestic cuteness? I am lost without you fair Lunar...Lost to the darkness that corrupts my very soul.
Ack, it reminds me of when I sent in my laptop to get repaired. But at least your data is saved.
Oh no. So Lunar-chan's without much interent access for a while longer? I'm so sad....

EN-chan better not vanish too or I'll be really depressed. Good luck with repairs.
*stabs Zanallen* there.....the darkness can no longer corupt you....THE GLORIOUS LIGHT CAN! ya.....i've been hitting the yu-gi-oh GX a little hard.....
That sucks!

Lunar won't be on sunar!

<_< Stupid computers... breaking left and right.

:angry: Why can't the manufacturers make good ones?!

Many smilies in one post.
Cursed Manufacturers...
Don't know how to... <is shot>
Hopefully we'll see you soon. With your computer good and ready.
Now I can go ha--*is shot*