Joseph Akers and Sparks

Name: Joseph Akers
Gender: Male
Appearance: Caucasian. 5'9 141lbs. Short slightly spiky dark brown hair. Dark Green eyes. Slender athletic body type with slightly tanned skin. Wears a dark green Ralph Lauren polo collard t-shirt with a yellow polo symbol. Dark blue jeans that are fading green, the jeans are slightly sagging and slightly fitted/baggy. Yellow belt. On his feet rest a pair of white Nike air force ones.
Personality: He's always laid back. He can be really energetic at points. He's very flirtatious and slightly perverted. Loves to show off. Very spoiled, but doesn't show it. Just like his navi he is very devoted to being the best he can be.
PET Modifications:A third generation type of PET. Has been upgraded with the same features of the most recently released PETs, it is Dark green, with yellow trim.

Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Sword
Appearance: Average height for a navi. His skin is very pale, and can only be seen in the opening of his armored helmet. His armor is dark green with yellow trim. Yellow gloves cover both hands. A large wavy cape that is shoulder width with the outside colored green and the inside colored yellow hangs from his shoulders on down. Long blond hair in a wide pony tail to his waist. The green with yellow trim helmet is pointed at the corners with a transparent yellow eye cover protruding down from the forehead area. A small green sword handle rest at his left side. I triangle shaped yellow blade will protrude from the handle when he removes it from the side.
Personality: Very serious and determined. Hates to mess around. Has a very dull sense of humor. Loves conflict and a good challenge. He's very determined and motivated to be the best he can be.
Custom Weapon: He will sling a little electric ball at his opponent with his left hand
Signature Attack: [Zap Slash] - 30 Elec Damage + Slashing + Stun1 [Melee Type]. [2 TCD](30 pts + 30 pts = 60 pts) He grabs the Blade handle and slashes at the opponent in vertical motion, on contact the enemy is stunned by the shocking power of the attack.

0 zenny
2 MiniEnergy subchips
1 Cannon battlechip
1 Shotgun battlechip
1 Rageclaw battlechip
navicust: Undershirt, HP+50
100 HP
For you reg, you need to have your first signature attack included. Well, I suppose you don't have too have one, but its a free 60 points and is generally pretty helpful until you can level up so there is no real reason not to have one.

For the SigAttk, you use the points provided to purchase various effects. For example, you could make a lightning sword slash that deals damage and stuns 1 target. It would look something like this:

Thunderbolt Cut: Sparks creates a sword of lightning and slashes at one target. [30 Elec DMG, Slashing, Stun (60 points) 2TCD]

Lemme break it down for ya:

60 points total.
30 DMG = 30 points
Stun = 30 Points
Slashing is a free attribute
Elec is free because your Navi is Elec element
That totals 60 points.
TCD stands for Turns Cool Down. This is the amount of turns you must wait before you can use the ability again. Cool down increases in 40 point increments, so 0-40 is 1tcd, 41-80 is 2tcd and so on.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
Full list of signature effects, their details and their respective costs are listed here:
Thank you for your help, when i have more time ill edit my post and my navi.
Ok, it's editied. Thanks for your help I'm guessing I don't do the links and stuff with my profile signature until it gets accepted right?
A at first the description appeared light, but that's just from your sentence structure. However, just to be sure, I shall consult my colleague. Should I approve?

Well then, that makes it easy.


GET CHIPS: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50
GET SUBCHIPS: MiniEnergy x2

Now you may post your Navi/NetOp profiles in the appropriate Database threads, and place all important Navi information in your signature (you can find an effective builder HERE)

Good luck, have fun, and go delete some viruses.