Sequal taim! XD

The Kurbee-O-Matic is up and running once again! Each Kurbee costs 200 Zenny, but you can get them for free if you have a Kurb Star. Just PM me the sprite and i'll fix it up for you eventually!

Setting up shop-

I'm sorry but what's a kurbee-o-matic...

....uhh, can I post here?
NOWAI! NO POSTING HERE! -smacks fadiel-

Just kidding

The kirbee-o-matic is his specialty. Give him a sprite of something, and he turns it into a kirby.
*smacked by val...leon* urk...

well, after I get some zenny, I'll request. Wonder how Slade'll look in kirby form..XD
If you can't be bothered PMing me, then visit the Amage topic in "Sprite Requests" at the BnG forum.

EDIT: My collection of Kurbees, if you want to see what they look like.

Err...I don't have a character or Zenny, but being a Fire Emblem Sacred Stones fan, the purple flying one in motion has a spear from the game. Did you just re-color these or did you make them? Either way, you kick ass. At least mine.
I don't have zenny right now, but a DruidKirby would be kinda neat. How does one obtain a KrubStar?
Kurbstar. And he gives them out for extreme awesomeness/favors.
Nicely put, P.A.!

Yes, if I have deemed something "extremely awsome", you receive a Kurb Star depending on how much my Chortle Gauge rises.

Also, 10 Kurb Stars = an animation. Like so.

And for our Fire Emblem fan... XD