Destin Obscura and SINN-MBAP

Name: Destin Obscura
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Destin Obscura is a white male of about 6'3" and roughly 220 lbs. His build is that of someone who enjoys the occasional sport, but not one who goes out of his way to find one to do. As such he is not fat, but is not incredibly muscular in one aspect of his body or another. Most would not recognize him from the thousands of other people who follow this same pattern. Minus the height, as he is probably taller than the average operator or civilian.
His hair is a dirty blond, similar to the color of straw when it is hit by the setting sun. Destin grows it out quite long and fashions it into a ponytail with a bit of white string. There is no more than one such hair-clip at a time, so the tail usually fans out a bit during times of movement or wind. His eyes are a radiant blue-gray color reminiscent of pools of water in an underground spring. And he always carries a light scruffy stubble on his face. The whole effect gives his appearance a touch of California surfer-hippie. This isn't helped by the fact he wears pretty much one outfit, jeans and a white tee-shirt, no matter where he goes.
Personality: Relatively benign to everyone, he is also careless. Careless more in the fact that he doesn't pay attention to people beyond the moment, than on not watching where he is going. Although to many observers, he seems to be 'wandering through a cloud in which everything is just one amorphous blob after another'. Whether this is true to Destin's actual depiction of reality, or more to his just general disinterest in the world and its people, is a subject of debate. It is not impossible to communicate with him, he just might not look at you directly.
This attitude doesn't fully translate to the Net, however, but it comes close. His bond with his NetNavi is not the same as others for this same reason, as Destin communicates almost primarily in Base64 to his Navi, and most of those commands are basic battle instructions. As such, Destin's Navi mostly controls himself, with his own predilections toward combat.
PET Modifications: Destin's PET functions as a PDA [Personal Digital Assistant]. As such it contains a few applications, like a calendar, a clock, and a GPS receiver for example. It has a pearl white color scheme that looks like the casing was chiseled straight out of a block of marble, though it obviously is a plastic compound.

Name: SINN-MBAP [Self-commanded Intercommunication Network Navigator - Multipurpose Battle Application Platform]
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Guts
Appearance: SINN-MBAP (or SINN for short) derives its appearance from the very basic designs inherent in the NetNavi library database. SINN is a cloudy-gray Navi with 'armor' the color of bleached bone layering on top of the cloudy-gray core. His 'armor' covers him like a suit of medieval plate armour. The gaps in the 'armor' show the cloudy-gray sub-skin beneath. Only his face can be seen in his helmet, which is like a motorcycle helmet of basic design. What skin can be seen is similar in appearance to that of his operator's, a semi-tan, pinkish-white. The eyes of SINN are as cloudy-gray as his core. He is clean-shaven. His hair is also cloudy-gray, cut short, but unless he takes off his helmet, one could swear SINN didn't have hair.
Personality: Where Destin is non-responsive due to his hazy outlook on life, SINN is governed by an extremely long and detailed list of codes. Many times when SINN takes a complex battle action or has a chip sent to him, among other anomalies, the coding of his actions scroll up from his feet in a cylinder around him and disappear into the air as if he were watching the credits of a movie. This code is also in Base64 and could potentially be read and decoded by a quick reading, quick thinking opponent. During the moment(s) of information transfer, SINN sometimes recites the code, which sometimes sounds like he's casting a spell.
Because of this, he is even less responsive to others. His attention immediately swings away from whomever he is talking to if Destin talks or interacts with SINN in any way. Otherwise, he is like Destin, in a 'cloud' of his own.
Custom Weapon: SINN's primary weapon is a Buster on his right arm. He has a hand there unless it needs to fire, where it retracts into the weapon. It also creates a diamond shaped point of Null energy for melee attacks.
Signature Attack:
ABS-1[Advanced Buster Shot - 1]: 20 Null Damage (CD 1)
ABS-2[Advanced Buster Shot - 2]: 40 Null Damage (CD 1)
I have two questions that I got from the signature rules site [listed in my signature for convenience]:

1) Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt (10 Points), [and then I chose:] HP+50.

What is an Undershirt and what do the 10 Points mean? And if I chose the HP+50 does that mean I have 150 HP now?

2) What does the Navicust points available: 10+/40 mean?
Undershirt creates a last-resort defense for your navi when you receive a fatal blow. For example, if your navi has 10 HP and received a 20 Damage attack, your navi will survive with 1 HP Left!

If you equip your HP+50, your navi's Max HP will become 150.

Each one of your NaviCust Programs will cost points, in this case, HP+50 AND Undershirt is 10 points each. Your navi will only have 40 points in the beginning, which can be expanded with NaviCust Expansion upgrade, and if you equip both the starting NCP, you'll have 20 / 40 Points. (20 out of 40)
I got it clarified and the sites of information linked to me.

Now I just wait approval.
Everything seems to be in order. I'm pretty sure you're the first one to choose the HP NCP upgrade, surprised others haven't done the same. XD


GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP+50
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2
Thank you.

I have now transferred the info to their designated locations.