Fissure and The Kettle

Decided to scrap my last team. They didn't quite fit, and were too serious for me to properly enjoy. So i'm passing their stuff over to these two for one more try. The RP reason would be that Tyies and Ran (previous team) didn't really feel cut out for virus busting, instead selling their entire cache of upgrades and chips on to try and cut their losses. Which is where my new guys appear, looking for a quick boost. And here's the details:

Bought Upgrades:
1 Speed Upgrade
10 Process Upgrades
4 Hp Memories
2 Custom Expansions
1 Undershirt Program
1 Shield Program

Bought Chips:
2 Mini Energys
Rageclaw x1 (40dmg)
Cannon x1 (40dmg, knockback)
Shotgun x3 (50dmg, backshot)
Heatshot1 x1 (40dmg, fire)
Powershot x2 (50dmg)
Minibomb x2 (60dmg, Blast1)
Energybomb x1 (40dmg x 3, Blast1)
Cactball1 x1 (3x20dmg, wood)
GunDelSol2 x1 (15 for 1st action, 30 for 2nd, 60 for 3rd, 120 for 4th, 240 for 5th. Instantly destroys objects.)

*I'd, uh, also like to carry over the 1730 zenny I had from them, if it's possible?*

Name: Ketl Benedict (The Kettle)
Age: Late 30s
Gender: Male

Appearance: Sporting a marvelous beard, a portly belly and a jolly, round-cheeked face, Ketl Benedict almost always brings an image of a brown haired Santa Claus to most. When preaching, he dresses in modern-style, navy robes with two white stripes running down it's length and a velvet, Tricorn Admiral's hat with a medallion bearing Fissure's emblem hanging down from each point. Chooses checkered shirts and dungarees for casual clothes and always wears his favourite black boots.

Personality: With thundering, heavy-duty lungs and a voice that could wake the dead, Ketl Benedict works as a freelance online minister, preaching whatever he's instructed to preach through the by-ways of the internet, using voice chats and pod-casts. His extremely loud voice means he unwittingly shouts, even when talking privately. Good natured and full of cheer, "The Kettle" is a fairly likable fellow, never afraid to speak his mind, sometimes a little too much. Has been contracted by various legal business advertisers, but "The Kettle" is simply a public face, a 'guise to shroud more dubious actions.

PET Modifications: To help speak to his "congregation", Ketl's PET has a fold-out handle at the bottom of the device, holding the PET like a microphone (or to passers-by, a megaphone).

Name: Fissure
Gender: N/A, but could be called a male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon

Appearance: When one first looks upon the face of Fissure, many are tormented days after by visions of a never-ending, cheerless grin; narrow, unblinking eyes and a divided, pointed head that could swallow you whole. Some mention the presence of a long, forked tongue appearing when it speaks. The wretched face is complimented by large streams of wild, crimson hair that reaches down to Fissure's feet. The hair occasionally moves eratically, almost as though it houses a life of it's own. Fissure's, serpent-like body is composed of overlapping, hollow, conical, metal cylinders. The arms and legs follow suit, each segment and limb allowing for complete 360-degree rotation. On it's left hand are three talon-like claws, with a fourth opposable talon to allow for grabbing and holding. The right hand takes the form of Fissure's custom weapon "Stubborn Mountain". It's right foot resembles a large scythe, whilst it's left looks roughly like a small anvil bearing Fissure's emblem, a round, grinning reflection of it's owner. At over seven foot, Fissure towers above regular navis.

Crappy Drawing, But You Get The Picture.

Personality: Fissure's oddly pitched voice brings gender into question, strikingly high, yet not effeminate. It's unpredictable nature has alienated it somewhat from other navis, though has never seen that as much of a problem. Pain is an enjoyable experience to it, laughing horribly when injured. It has become tired of self-inflicted scars, instead prefering to antagonise others into fighting it, relishing the wrath of battle. A master blacksmith, Fissure can create almost any known weapon on the fly, as well as iron sentinels and a personal transport. Fissure's thought processes and logic can be extremely difficult to follow, even going so far as to call them "insane". Loves deception and manipulation of any calibre.

Custom Weapon: "Stubborn Mountain". A massive blacksmithing hammer. The word "FACE" is embedded on the... face, leaving it imprinted on whatever it hits. Scrawling sentences have been written on the sides of the hammer, though make little sense to the discerning eye. The claw at the back also doubles as a small cannon, Fissure's buster. A small medallion with Fissure's emblem is chained to the hammer's head.

Signature Attacks: (420/460)

Healing Shiv: Fissure pulls a small, silver blade out of it's mouth and stabs someone with it. The target's wounds will begin to heal, including the one inflicted by the shiv. Afterwards, the spirit of the blade projects two images of itself, each able to deflect a single attack. ((60 Healing + 2-hit Shield = 120 Points, 3CD))

Sickle Cycle: Fissure jams it's scythe foot down into the ground, leaving only it's leg in view. Several large scythe blades then erupt from underneath the target, rotating at great speeds, similar to saw-blades. (Ground Effect + 50 Damage + Blast2 = 100 points, 3CD)

Sanity's Shroud: Fissure's anvil foot is really an armoured phasing device, causing Fissure to become in corporeal. The device only lasts for a single turn before overheating, where it will turn bright hot. (Shadow = 80 points, 2CD)

Grappling Spook: Fissure ejects it's claw-hand with great force at the target, still connected to the wrist by smaller versions of it's arm. Once grabbed, the target is held in place and Fissure is creepily drawn towards it. (25 Drain +Hold + Movement = 120 points, 3CD)

Free GMO? : D

Blackland Vagabond.GMO: A long, dark, tattered robe enshrouds every detail of Fissure except it's height, covering body, limbs and hair in heavy, black material. A hood also obscures it's face in darkness, bearing Fissure's grinning emblem on the forehead in stark blood-red. Everything inside it is concealed. Everything, except it's wicked smile, which no amount of clothing could possibly hide.
Not sure I can go with the (lol) explanation for the zenny. You could figure out just a little more to justify it, or just surrender the money and take an approval.
Well, what if, say, the new team had 16990 zenny already and bought the upgrades and chips for 15260 zenny? Then they'd have 1730 left over.

If that doesn't fly, then i'll start over from scratch.
Hrm.... well, okay. You're not getting anything more than what you had before with that explanation, so I guess I'm okay with it.