Shelving the palm tree

Despite still technically being in the middle of a fight, I want to put these two away for later. I feel like starting fresh. Do I register the new pair in the shelving section or the default registration section?

Fissure and Jim (SHELVED)
Operator: "Jim"
Operator's Profile
Key Items:
PET (Fissure.EXE Net-Navigator)

Sub Chips:
Mini Energy x2

Fissure's Upgrades:
Speed upgrade x1 (+2 lvls)
Process upgrade x10
Sig Pool (420/460)
HP memory x4 (+4 lvls)
Custom Expansion x2 (+2 lvls)
Net-Navigator: Fissure.EXE
Netnavi's Profile
Element: Normal
Type: Summon

Level: 10
Hit Points: 180
Attack: 1
Rapid: 1
Charge: 1
Speed: 4

Buster: (Attack x Rapid x 2) = 2dmg
Charged Buster: (Attack x Charge x 8) = 8dmg

Passive: Mobilize: Summoned Objects have a one-use Movement action.

Ability: Masterwork: You may add 20 + (Level) HP to an object's max HP as a free action. This can not be used on the same object more than once. (Once Per Turn)

Lordly Cannon: 3x Shots: Fires Oni Mark Device. Effective only against weakened female navis.

Navicust: (25/50)
[E]Undershirt (10)
[E]Shield (15)
Support Programs
Signature Attacks
Signature Attacks: (420/460)

Healing Shiv: Fissure pulls a small, silver blade out of it's mouth and stabs someone with it. The target's wounds will begin to heal, including the one inflicted by the shiv. Afterward, the spirit of the blade projects two images of itself, each able to deflect a single attack. Even if it's power is used, the blade won't disappear until it is directly removed. ((Melee Type + 60 Healing + 2-hit Shield = 120 Points, 3CD))

Sickle Cycle: Fissure jams it's scythe foot down into the ground, leaving only it's leg in view. Several large scythe blades then erupt from underneath the target, rotating at great speeds, similar to saw-blades. (Ground Type + 60 Damage + Blast2 = 120 points, 3CD)

Ghost Walk: Fissure's anvil foot is really an armoured phasing device, causing Fissure to become in corporeal. The device only lasts for a single turn before overheating, where it will turn bright hot. (Self Type + Shadow = 80 points, 2CD)

Soul Lock: Fissure launches a huge, iron key out of it's mouth, impaling the target. The intrusion deals no damage, instead it creates manacles, chains and shackles that clamp onto the target's limbs or respective parts, impairing the target's ability to fight and move. (Shot Type + Freeze + Hold = 100, 3CD)
Fanatical Furnace Folder(E)

Rageclaw x1 (40dmg + Slashing, B ) / (Throw target/object = 20 + Impact, B ) Creates an impressive bear claw. Can be used to slash or throw enemies or objects.
Cannon x1 (40dmg + Knockback, A) A decent sized cannon with a single shot.
Shotgun x2 (50dmg + Spread 1, A) A gun whose shot penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
Heatshot1 x1 (40dmg + Spread 1, Fire, A) Shoots a fireball whose explosion penetrates an enemy to hit another one directly behind it.
MaruBlaster2 x1 (40dmg + Glitch, Elec, B ) A taser shot that bugs the enemy's coding. If the user used a Melee or Sword chip immediately prior to MaruBlaster, this attack's accuracy is raised to A. (UNABLE TO USE UNTIL NEXT JACK-OUT)
Powershot x2 (50dmg + Impact, B ) A fast energy beam.
Minibomb x2 (60dmg + Blast 1, C) A multi-use bomb.
Energybomb x1 (40dmg x 3 + Blast 1, C) A powerful bomb that hits three times.
Cactball1 x1 (20dmg x 2-4 Hits + Ground Attack, Wood, C) Rolls a spiked ball at an enemy. The exact number of times this attack hits is random, but is always between 2 and 4.
GunDelSol2 x1 (15 dmg, doubled each action + (Beam Attack + Object Erasure + Cone Attack), A, Duration: Until you stop using it) Fires a powerful short-ranged solar spray beam that erases objects and damages, breaches, and/or nullifies all defenses on contact. The beam quickly gets stronger as you focus on using it, but it also dies out if you take any other action.

Graphic Model Overrides
Blackland Vagabond.GMO: A long, dark, tattered robe enshrouds every detail of Fissure except it's height, covering body, limbs and hair in heavy, black material. A hood also obscures it's face in darkness, bearing Fissure's grinning emblem on the forehead in stark blood-red. Everything inside it is concealed. Everything, except it's wicked smile, which no amount of clothing could possibly hide.

Zenny: 1730
TO KILL A STAR: The Story So Far
1: Two weeks after Jim first met Fissure, they agree that The Plan can not succeed with only themselves. Thus, they head out to the newly opened Global Administration Network building to join the notorious NetMafia in hopes of securing an ally.

2: After a frosty reunion with an old acquaintance, Midknight, Fissure and Jim successfully apply to join the Teksqp Mafia family. However, before they can fully become members they must complete an undisclosed task in the Yoka district.

3: Fissure and Jim have arrived at a private bathhouse belonging to the Teksqp Mafia family. Led inside, they come face to face with the commander of the family himself: Boss Oni.

4: The task Fissure and Jim must complete involves kidnapping two netpolice officers. The problem is they're under the command of City from the Netpolice's elite Brass Guard.


1: They Who Art Not In Heaven
2: The Pioneer By Proxy
3: Madness Minus The Madness
4: The Jury of Slaves

Fissure's Theme
You can register them here in the shelving topic if you like. I did that back when I regged Burt and Exxy.

Also shelving is approved, be sure to post the information in the shelved teams section of info databases.
Okay. Taking these two out of shelving, because I realised I didn't need to in the first place. :'Y
Okay, this time for real shelving Fissure and Jim. May take them out in 6 level's time.
Approved; please post/update their information in the applicable databases