Instant Shelf

Just getting these two approved and then stick them in the shelf until I want to use them.

Jack Son
Age 26

Jack Son, reaching 6 feet in height with a body built for shoveling dirt and moving caskets. The man typically dons business attire during the day, full suit and tie, but at night drops that for clothing much more suited for the working man. He has long brown hair that is kept neat and out of the way.

The man also smells of smoke.

Jack, tends to be rather arrogant. While he can control it and tone it down when speaking to clients, there can still be moments when it pops trough. After all, he is an undertaker, a funeral director, one who is knowledge about burial rights and people turn to him to take care of the dead.


Geist is sort of an interesting navi of sorts, in the fact that she is somewhat transparent even though she is quite solid. Geist stands 5'6, and has long light golden hair and light blue eyes. She dons a white jumpsuit much like other navis, but wears a mantle over it. The mantle itself is rather simple in design, white with gold trimming around the edges of the fabric with the navis' emblem connecting the front just below the neck, letting an open triangular split down from there to the bottom of the mantle. The emblem itself seems to be blank.

Personality: Calm, peaceful, poise, Geist is one who would put others in front of her own safety. She enjoys the company of other navis, and isn't one to make or take promises lightly. She does have a hidden agenda of sorts, and she will follow it, even if she has to use force.

While she is calm and peaceful a majority of the time, there are the rare cases she gets angry and Geist being angry isn't something anyone should have to deal it.

Geist's Will (60 points)

Geist generates an ethereal shield with her arm that sends out a blast of energy on creation. Unfortunately since the shield and blast came from her, she slows down a bit as she regains the energy lost.

40 damage, 1-hit shield, self slow: A accuracy

Also picking Shield for the NCP.
I think you might be missing some effects from your sig, all I see is a 1-hit shield + self slow (20 sig points, 10 nerf points).