Anyways, decided to try a different flavor of bizzare! So I hope you guys like female wrestlers!

Magritte Pic

Name: Magritte Saxena
Gender: Female
Race: ½ Whazzapian, ½ Netopian (from her mother and her father's side respectively)
Age: 24
Height: 5'5
Weight: 188 pounds
Build: fit

Likes: Dynamos, comic books, people that don't drool when meeting a female comic enthusiast, wrestling and wrestling paraphernalia, Whazzapian wrestling

Dislikes: static electricity (Shockingly enough), cold places, people who steal from stores.
Personallity: Quite the snarky fellow, Magritte always enjoys making a few quips here or there around her friends . She prefers to be laid back, stemming from her teen years working at her father's spa.
Hair: Long, blond hair with purple highlights.

Appearance: Her clothes are quite elegant, as they fit great for a martial artist. This fits her personality as she often fancies herself an artist of some caliber in her pranks. Her Han Purple shirt fits a bit tightly on her rather ample chest. A grey belt follows soon afterwards, as we come across her comfortable pants. It looks to be a Red variety with white streams of what looks to be a magnificent Wyrm, a sign of her mother's stint as the "Gran Arpia", famed Whazzapian Wrestling Champion for five years running.

Name: Dynaia.EXE
Gender: Female.
Type: Elec/Melee

Appearance: Dynaia is a statuesque female Navi, standing at 7 feet with a well-toned, buff body, of a tan skin color. She wears a blue bodysuit; in the middle of the bodysuit is a window revealing her six pack abs. The bodysuit is more revealing than most, yet enough to keep some sense of modesty: there are no sleeves protecting her neither biceps nor thighs, and there is no helmet preventing her fully blonde hair from swaying back and forth.

Personality: Unlike many aloof loner navis, Dynaia is of the large, boisterous personality. Taking a cue of her owner, she enjoys obsessively about what she does: Superheroing and Wrestling. She will not hesitate to help out a person in need, usually giving out puns of the electrical nature and laughing out loud whenever someone makes a joke, even a bad one.

Custom Weapon: Dynaia uses her gauntlets to fire out buster shots that crackle and spark.


1. Condor Thrust! - Dynaia, unlike a proper condor, charges straight through a target, landing a strong shocking hook! (Elec + 60)
- "Piercing" is not an available sig effect

- Please pick one of the following: HP+50, Shield, Set Sand, Set Lava, Set Ice, Set Sea, Set Grass, Set Solar, Set Glass, or ResetStage.
Decided to not add any of those and make it pure damage! Not very good fields for lucha libra =/

Also +50 MAX HP for the Navicust to keep things simple.
That's fine, approved. Just be sure to put your shelved navi's signature in the proper area and set up your new signature before you start RPing. Sorry about the wait, as well.