Returning to the firing range

Bringing Validus and Tsujsa back, because I need to start taking responsibility for whatever I say in chat.

[At the same time, Tsujsa's backstory is going to be defined further.]

Name: Tsujsa Reise
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Link (Alternative link -Drawn by Chardes)

Tsujsa Reise's ethnicity as a german is noticable in his speech. His hands are bandaged because of the disease which not only disabled his ability to do strenuous work, it also reduced his immunity to various skin diseases. In order to avoid infection it is often bandaged when he leaves home.

History: Tsujsa Reise was born in Netopia, under a family of Germanic origin. As a child, he had always aspired to become very much like his father, a high ranking official within the netpolice, but fate performed a cruel trick upon him, shattering that aspiration. The contraction of an particularly rare disease which debilitated his body's motor functions, threatening to spread and permanently cripple Tsujsa. Immediately placed under medical care, the best the doctors could achieve was to halt the spread of the disease from the arms. As a result, while Tsujsa maintained the ability to grasp and perform any other regular action with his hands, he could no longer perform any labour tasks or lifting anything above thirty kilograms for a period of longer than a minute.

Tsujsa would return from rehabilitation perfectly healthy with only his arm's minor disability, but with his aspirations shattered, and the opportunity to participate in physical abilities within school had left Tsujsa with a void in his life. With no goal to pursue, Tsujsa decided to simply follow a straight, simple goal in life, which was to simply live a normal but unremarkable life.

The only thing which kept Tsujsa's mood up during his child to teenage years was the opportunity to netbattle. Over the years, Tsujsa learned to modify and edit (but not create) a navi's general code, allowing him to modify an existing normnavi to a customised version. Limited to merely mental exercises in his school years, all his continuous researching and scripting would eventually bring to the creation of the current Navi he used, born from combat data he had obtained as he netbattled with the generic Navi and to suit the style of combat he used.

Personality: Generally quiet, though he can sometimes be active in a conversation should he be interested. Tsujsa has no qualms with performing anything that contributes to the success of a task, and sees no harm or shame in backing off when a situation becomes volatile. Additionally, his relationship with his navi is often rough but there is an extremely solid bond of trust between the two.

Name: Validus.exe
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor
Appearance: Link

Validus appears to be a rather tall person. A half-cloak covers below his waist while a large rifle is slung across his back. A Revolver is holstered around his waist, together with a few pouches that look like ammo bags strapped onto the belt. There is a one-eye visor on his right eye mounted on top of a helmet. His Navi logo is a circle with a bullet in the middle. The logo isn't found on his chest, but rather on his right shoulder pad, which is larger and looks like a heavy shoulder guard.

Personality: It's safe to say Validus is cheery and most of the time is ready for a joke. However, in combat, he is cold, calculating and thinks only of victory. In very bad situations however, Validus would attempt to maintain both his and his operator's morale in order to ensure that both of them would escape to safety.

Custom Weapon:
Impact Revolver: A three barreled revolver slung on his hip. Acts as a normal buster. The Impact revolver looks like a fusion between an automatic handgun and a Revolver. A laser sight is also attached at the bottom, though it doesn't serve much function other than aesthetic reasons.

Morph Rifle: Formerly known as the Validus Cannon. It is now named the Morph Rifle. The weapon is rather unique. Capable of charging energy from data particles suspended in the air and launching powerful lance blasts. Other than it's primary ability, it's appearance is also adaptive to the effects of battlechips. For example, a fireburn would activate a flamethrower configuration, changing the appearance of the weapon into a flamethrower, while shotgun-style chips, such as the heatshot or the bubble shot, will turn it into a shotgun. Some chips give on completely unique appearances, such as the AquaNeedle, which turns into a lance-rifle hybrid weapon.

Signature Attack:
Valor Beam = Seeking, 40 damage.

The morph rifle loads up an alternative firing mode, and instead of firing in one cannon-like shot, it launches a beam that finds it's mark even on foes who have rendered themselves invisible.

Guard Buster = Take Aim, Break, 50 Damage

Taking aim through the one-eyed visor, Validus is able to analyze the enemy and fire a solid shell that generates enough impact to shatter shields. The morph rifle changes into a unique, revolver-loading rifle with an extremely long barrel.

Viral Shot Type-B [BIND] = Hold, 30 Damage

Validus loads a special ammo onto his rifle, which upon impact does not deal much damage, but enough to penetrate and send a malicious coding into the target's body which effectively disables the capabilities for moving in the target's body.

((Sprite - The_Grim_Reaper))
((Mugshot Sprite - Personal work))
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