FactoryMan.EXE and Robert Vanpille

Since I've been gone for a very long time, and frankly can't even tell you what Druidman is doing, much less in which net he's in or what's in his folder, and since I've been getting a fresh start on other things in life anyway, I think it's time to shelve good ole Druidman. I might end up swapping around between them again, but not for awhile. So, I present...

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Name: Robert Vanpille
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Robert is 5'11", and weighs approximately 205lbs. He has a rather stout frame, despite this. He has short black hair that is cut simply, without any need of maintenance. He has green eyes, but they are an unnaturally dark hue, which is even more pronounced compared to his pasty complexion. On a typical day, Robert wears jeans, roughly cut off into long over-the-knee shorts, and a tee shirt, more often than not with some offensive phrase or saying printed on it, and combat boots that he'll always claim to have stolen from the asker's mother. He also has a tattoo on his back of a monkey wearing a monocle and a pith helmet riding a fire breathing tortoise, thrashing on a keytar. (Don't ask.)

Robert is, to put it simply, an outgoing moron. He is incredibly friendly with strangers, and incredibly talkative to match. Unfortunately, Robert is also borderline schizophrenic and a borderline pathological liar, compounding to create an incredible world view and 'life story' that he'll constantly quote, reference, or otherwise inform others of. Heavy drinking can seriously exacerbate this condition. However, his intentions are always pure, and if one can get over his irritating nature, he can become an excellent friend, if only one to make fun of behind his back.

PET Modifications
Robert's PET actually, on first glance, appears to be broken. It clearly isn't, however, since it works. It has all the standard fixin's of a modern PET, and is, in Robert's words, 'soup-colored.' (In reality, an ugly shade of yellowish-orange.) Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, His PET has several deep scratches, dings, and teeth marks.

Name: FactoryMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Type: Elec/Summon

FactoryMan looks like he was forged in the olden era of industry, back when soot, sweat, and grime were poured into every product churned out the doors of the old brick assembly line. He stands about seven feet tall, but is oddly proportioned. He possesses a large, barrel-like chest that's only major feature is the large rolling door that is positioned across his entire front, almost from his neck line to his waist. His other major feature is is left arm; it is a old style clamp 'hand' fitted on a double jointed pistons, allowing him total range of motion at his shoulder, elbow, and wrist. His right arm and legs are comparatively normal and posses no extra features of note. His head appears to be mostly human, though only the mouth and jaw are visible under a massive 'helmet' that covers the rest of his head. At the eye level, surrounding the entire helmet horizontally, is dark tinted glass that has a variety of colored marquee bulbs behind it, which, normally display FactoryMan's 'eyes', but can be used to display any number of messages. The entirety of FactoryMan's body appears to be tempered out of steel and iron, showing slight wear and age. His left arm, joints, hands, and feet are covered with faded yellow and black striped paint, and emblazoned on his main 'door' is his Navi emblem, an alternating black and yellow striped background with a large metal clamp in it's center. No factory would be complete without a smokestack, and FactoryMan possesses a short one on his right shoulder, that belches out smoke whenever the micro-factory is working in his innards.

FactoryMan's motto is 'Hard work never hurt anybody, unless you're working hard to hurt." FactoryMan is all about meeting his quotas and giving it 110 percent efficiency. However, he does understand that without a little R and R, productivity will suffer, so it isn't a total stick in the mud. He just knows that the harder he works, then the better off he and everyone else will be. As a bit of a consequence, he thinks almost exclusively in terms of factory productivity, and will mostly talk using these terms. He speaks with a gruff tone, but doesn't mind telling a joke or two while working the nine to five.

Custom Weapons
Factory Arm - As mentioned, FactoryMan's left arm is a giant crane-like device, and is quite powerful for use in striking opponents in a pinch. It also has the added benefit of being directly connected to the micro-factory's main power supply, and so it can 'overload' itself to deliver electrified blows. (Regular Attack is a punch [(Attack*Rapid*2) [color=gray]Normal[/color] Damage], Charge Attack is a flying electrified punch [(Attack*Charge*8) [color=orange]Elec[/color] Damage.]

Signature Attacks
FACTORYMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Microfactory: Zappo the Monkey: FactoryMan has a contract with ZappoInc, who marketed the amazing electric powered monkey pal children's toy. Sadly, the toy had a design flaw, and had to be recalled, and ZappoInc quickly went under. FactoryMan still has the blueprints, and has found that tossing the explosively defective toy around can help out in battle. The electrical blast deals 30 Elec damage and then leaves behind 10HP worth of burnt out monkey. Safety codes prevent FactoryMan from producing more Zappo the Monkeys for one turn.

FACTORYMAN.EXE SIGNATURE ATTACK: Power Supply: Even Factory Man can run out of power sometimes, so he keeps a set of spare power units around in case he needs one. By loading the new power supply into himself, he has a small 15 HP Recovery. The spent unit is ejected onto the field as a 20HP drained power supply. To maintain optimum efficiency, FactoryMan will not load a new unit for at least one turn.

Microfactory: Zappo the Monkey = 30Elec damage (30) + 10HP object (10) + Blueprints Object Bonus (x.75) = 30 Points. (30/60)

Power Supply = 15 Heal (20) + 20 HP object (20) + Blueprints Object Bonus (x.75) = 30 points. (60/60)

Starting NCP: HP+50

Also, I want to quickly apologize to Goroke, who I am making look incredibly bad by my completely creating a totally new Navi from scratch in less than ten hours.
Approved. Welcome back into the fight!

GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50
Okay, I might come back to FactoryMan later, but clearly he didn't rekindle my RP.

Swap back? Pwease?
Well, post your Factory man and Robert Vanpille stuff in a shelved profile in the database, preferably along with a copy of that sig even if you keep it in that tab, and you should be all set.

<a href="javascript: togglebar('SpaceMonkeySteve1'); void(0);">FactoryMan.EXE</a><div id="SpaceMonkeySteve1" class="signaturetab"><a href="javascript: togglebar('FactoryMan1'); void(0);">Navi</a><div id="FactoryMan1" class="signaturetab">Name: FactoryMan.EXE
Level: 0
Colosseum Record: 0/0/0
Total Virus Deletion: 0
Mystery Data Plundered: 0G/0B/0P/0Y
Signature Attacks (60/60 Points Used)
Microfactory: Zappo the Monkey - Does 30 Elec damage with explosion, leaving a 10HP Burnt Monkey on the field. Throw-Type (1TC)
Power Supply - Does 15 Recovery with battery, leaving a 20HP Dead Battery on the field. (1TC)</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('FactoryMan2'); void(0);">Operator</a><div id="FactoryMan2" class="signaturetab">Name: Robert (E-Mail, Homepage)
Chip Folders: FactoryFolder (3/30)
Chips in Pack: 0
Key Items, Subchips</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('FactoryMan3'); void(0);">PET/Navi Upgrades</a><div id="FactoryMan3" class="signaturetab">NaviCust (20/40) - Undershirt (10), HP+50 (10)
Processor Level: 0GHz
GMO Files - None</div>
Zenny: 0Z

By which I mean approved.