Dharma Payne and Phero.EXE

Going to try something new for juuuust a little while:


Name: Dharma Heart Payne

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dharma is a woman of average height, 5'7", with long, straight dark hair. Her body is slender with nice proportions and smooth, light skin. Her face has been known to admire both fear and admiration, with remarkable evenness and bright blue eyes, brought out by mascara. The set of her thin eyebrows is usually upturned, as if she's trying to think of something sympathetic to say to someone, and her lips are usually set into a pleased smile. Her hair is very long and extraordinarily dark and shiny. She always dresses to impress with her fine-tailored suits and her trademark eccentric black labcoat.

Personality: It has been said that those with charisma can become great leaders, regardless of what purpose they devote their leadership to. Dharma is such a person: wily, shrewd, and cunning, but with so much outward charisma that it is difficult to oppose her. She acts like a captain of industry, full of charm, innovation, and caring. Those close to her, however, know that she is actually a card-carrying sadist who takes pleasure in evil almost for the sake of evil.

Her ultimate goal is to make herself better than everyone else in every way that she can; her current enterprise is making her navi the strongest on the net just for the sake of it, although she is going about it in a very unusual way... Recently obsessed with the words of a navi who told her that love was the most powerful force in the world, she is trying to research love in order to harness it as a weapon. This involves a lot of book-reading and online research on what sort of things make a person lovable; therefore, she's having to try to change her personality a lot.

Like many eccentric innovators, she can be off-the-handle wacky with her ambitions and has little common sense. Although her chuckle is regularly dignified and lady-like, she apparently has a hidden mad doctor laugh that very few have heard.

Background: Dharma's name, "Heart Payne," is associated with a lucrative pharmaceutical empire with some marginally questionable product history. Over the net, she has lived as an infamous freelance player-killer with side mercenary work. One of her missions, however, ended in utter failure; she refuses to go into specifics about it even to her closest associates. In this mission, she was told by the do-gooder that love was the most powerful force of all and that a battle would always end in favor of the side of love. She took the words to heart and is now trying to find a way not only to understand love, but also to make it available to her in every battle. Once she figures this out, she will of course continue to use it in the application of dastardly evil.

PET Modifications: Dharma's PET is a special Heart Payne industry issue, black with a white heart on the back. It is worth quite a pretty penny and programmed to help her manage her experiments.


Name: Phero.EXE

Gender: Female

Element: Wood

Subtype: Bug

Appearance: Phero was "scientifically engineered" to be as love-inducing as possible, according to Dharma's specifications. Her hair is an eye-catching dark pink color and is kept in a short bobcut, hanging to the nape of her neck. It is combed away from the forehead. Her body has rosy, pink-hued flesh and is designed to be a knockout, which Phero has been ensured is key to the success of finding love. Her face is usually set in a semi-vacant frown. Her eyes are a dull black color, but still shine in an endearing way. Her smile can be quite pleasant if its genuine.

Her armor is primarily white and extremely immodest. Her gloves and boots each consist of white metal tulip shapes with pink, skin-tight latex-like material underneath (the hands and backs of the legs as well as the top of the feet are unarmored). The dress she wears consists of a white metal skirt with a high top. The top is covered by an extra extending metal tulip that shows off her breasts more than it ought to, especially from above, offering little support (although a pink latex one-piece suit covers beneath it, but that too is pretty revealing). A white brace lines her head across the back between her white earpieces. Pink glass can be temporarily summoned to encompass her head from the headpiece, which will shield her from breathing in her own pheromones, if they happen to be dangerous when she releases them. Her emblem is a white heart surrounded by a pink cloud, seen both on her skirt's waist and her ear-guards.

Each of her hands have a black squeeze ball mounted around the palm by a strap, but not obstructively. Squeezing the ball releases a loaded blast of pheromones from her body into the air; the smell and effect will vary depending on which compound Dharma has loaded. The pheromones surrounding her are highly flammable, which can occasionally prove dangerous for her.

Personality: Dharma created Phero with only one purpose: testing experimental pheromone compounds to find the perfect formula for love. Unfortunately, she had little idea what should go into that.

Phero lacks common sense, much like her maker. She is generally displeased about her lot in life. She doesn't know what love is any more than her operator does, but she sees it as something painful and unpleasant, thanks to the odd sensations that releasing pheromones often bring to her. She is confident that love will ultimately be her undoing, especially since her operator treats her as a temporary fixation, only to be used until the ultimate compound is discovered.

Phero enjoys the company of other navis and likes people to treat her as a navi rather than as a scientific tool. She is nice to other navis, although if anyone learns her real purpose, her ordinarily charming behavior can be often misconstrued as trying to seduce them. She enjoys stereotypically pretty things, but she's generally very open-minded. The long term usage of untested pheromones has affected her judgment of sexuality so much to the point that she can view even non-human things as attractive, such as viruses.

Despite her rebellious nature towards her operator, Phero understands that she is expendable. She has set in her mind to ultimately do whatever Dharma asks her to, though she'd love to experience real freedom some day. She is surprisingly sensitive and gets embarrassed easily, which is hard to imagine with how her armor makes her look.

Custom Weapon: Phero squeezes her perfume spritzers and releases a highly concentrated, acidic stock compound of pheromone clouds. They burn and sting whichever target she aims the release towards.

Signature Attack: Compound A0001 - A mysterious pink gas cloud is released from the pores of Phero's body. The pheromone is unreliable for the purpose of invoking attraction, but does mess with a being's mentality, causing what seems like temporary insanity. The gas cloud is low lying and won't affect airbound targets. [Confusion, Ground Type Attack, 15 self damage, 2 TCD] (60)

Starting NCP: Undershirt, SetGrass

All of Ante's signature stuff
Zenny: 1530z
<a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan1'); void(0);">Operator</a><div id="AimMan1" class="signaturetab">Name: Teruko Hotta
Items: Ante's PET, MiniEnrg x2, Blank .GMO x1
E-Mail: THOTTA@dentechmail.net</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan2'); void(0);">Navi</a><div id="AimMan2" class="signaturetab">Name: Ante
Level: 1
Element: Normal/Variable
HP: 150
Stats: Attack=1, Charge=1, Rapid=1, Speed=3
.GMO Files: None</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan3'); void(0);">Navicust</a><div id="AimMan3" class="signaturetab">NaviCust Points: 20/40
NaviCust: Undershirt (10), HP +50 (10)
Extra: None
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan4'); void(0);">Battlechips</a><div id="AimMan4" class="signaturetab">BattleChip Folder (5/30):
Shotgun x1
Rageclaw x1
Firehit1 x1
Shockwave x1
SummonBlack x1

Unused: None</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan5'); void(0);">Sig Attacks</a><div id="AimMan5" class="signaturetab">One Pair
-30 damage shot + slashing to 2 targets, 2 TCD</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan6'); void(0);">Crosses</a><div id="AimMan6" class="signaturetab">None</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan7'); void(0);">FXP</a><div id="AimMan7" class="signaturetab">Gale: 8 FXP</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('AimMan8'); void(0);">Support Programs</a><div id="AimMan8" class="signaturetab">None</div>
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Phero gets:
1xRageClaw, 1xCannon, 1xShotgun
1xUndershirt, 1xSetGrass
Shelving Ante and Teruko for Phero and Dharma. No need to post the thing again because I haven't changed any since I last did.
Shelving Exorcist for Phero.

All of my signature stuff for all navis is kept in my sig, so I'll just update the shelved navi information database I guess.
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