Phil and Auto

Yep, shelving Big and Jay to give these two a try. Yaaay.

(( Cool characters to try out. Will shelf Big + Jay momentarily ))

Name: Phil Quine
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: The first thing one might notice about Phil is his obscene height- he towers above most other people at 6'11". His stature often puts him in the spotlight- ironic, considering how little he likes it. His arms and legs are very thin and lanky, not muscular, but not bony either. His typical running involves the use of a four foot stride, making him a relatively good sprinter. If he weren't winded so easily, Phil would probably run a lot more. His hair is shoulder-length, and dark, contrasting his somewhat pale face. His eyes are a dull shade for green, and usually half-closed- except while operating or working.
Personality: Despite his tall, tired demeanor, Phil tries to be energetic and eager- he heard it was good for him. He is really just a humble mechanic- a great one, too. His superior knowledge of all kinds of engines makes him valuable at his day job at a run-down garage. Phil also happens to have a very fickle karma- he often gets incredibly lucky, only to have his victory followed by a crushing defeat. (IE: Winning the lottery, and having the ticket blow away)
PET Modifications: PET is orange, with a black trim around the screen.

Name: Auto
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Speed
Appearance: Auto's stature is nearly opposite than that of his op's- he clocks in at just above five feet, but retaining the lean body structure of Phil. Most of Auto's body is devoid of armor- his chest is completely bare except for a single emblem- an orange triangle pointed to the right, on a black background- and the standard jumpsuit, colored black. On his shoulders are very, very small pads, orange with a single black stripe down the middle, and on his forearms are two lean gauntlets- they reach from just below his elbow to the first joint on his fingers. Auto's most noticeable feature is his lower portion, however. His legs are encased in striking orange armor, seemingly bulky for the tiny navi. While it does increase the width of his legs quite a bit, the armor has spaces in it, allowing maximum flexibility for Auto. Running along the back of the armor are two sets of pistons- one going along his calf, and the other his quad muscle. These are what provide most of Auto's massive running ability.
Personality: If Auto could be summed up all into one word, it would be "eager". He's always ready to go with anything- be it battle, traveling, or even talking; he's pretty up front about it all. He can be a little cocky, though- it wouldn't be a big surprise to Phil if Auto ran straight into a trap without thinking. Despite his recklessness, Auto is all-around genuine and can't stand anyone who steps on others to get their goals accomplished.
Custom Weapon: Auto's high-powered legs aren't just for show. Not only can they allow him to accelerate to and maintain a ridiculously high speed, but they can also launch foes with very powerful kicks. Auto punches like a little girl, though.
Signature Attack:
Mach 1: Basically, Auto runs into an opponent at the speed of sound, hard enough for Auto to punch through most enemies. (Movement, 40 dmg, 2 turn cooldown)
Looks good on all counts. Approved.

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: 2x MiniEnergy
I'm not sure if Auto is an okay name to use, seeing as how there is already a Megaman character with that name. Granted, this is pretty clearly not based on that character, but still...
O rite,

the fat, green, immobile, lard-ass light robot with the red robo-man-boobs and a booming, tornado-like, yet retarded voice?

Totally the same!

(( I kid, I kid, I'll change it if need be ))