MachMan SkywriterCross

((29FXP earned in Terror Girls and Roc's Sister Hunt Ch1 missions))

Name: SkywriterCross lvl1 (+10dmg to Fire Chips, 80 sig points)

Element/Subtype: / (P: Slipstream | A: Airstep)

Description: Though he doesn't adopt a classic soft helmet like Skywriter herself, he still has a pair of blocky, leather-lined barnstormer goggles strapped over his head. His angular ear pylons are replaced with an old-fashioned headset, with a black foam-covered microphone held by an adjustable metal 'arm.' Said mic can be stowed vertically against the side of his head, but normally it's positioned a few inches away from his face, nearly touching the white, silk-like scarf wrapped around his nose, mouth, and neck. The short end of the scarf is tucked into the furry, pale tan collar of his very dark brown, nearly black leather bomber-style jacket, while the long end trails nearly a foot behind him. By some happy accident, the scarf seems to be constantly caught in a slow motion breeze, making it appear he's moving even while standing in place.

The jacket is fairly snug and zipped up with a worn brass zipper and is otherwise plain save for a circular embroidered patch of his Navi symbol sewn into the right shoulder. The gloves over his hands are of a similar color and leather texture, save for a circular slatted vent embedded in each palm. His lower body is covered by a pair of earth-brown pants held up by a darker brown belt, but the legs appear to be tucked into a pair of near-black leather boots with a zipper up the front to keep everything snug.

Suspended in the air behind him (and far enough away to not injest the tail of his scarf) is a cylindrical red engine lined with four ovoid, brushed steel air intakes positioned in each cardinal direction. These intakes feed air to a very hungry and equally powerful rotary engine. The sheet metal cowl leaves all seven piston cylinder heads exposed, along with two large exhaust pipes venting out and away from the three-bladed metal "pusher" propeller on a spindle covered by a protective/aerodynamic cone.

Weapons: Mostly unchanged

Signature Attack:
Smokescreen: Utilizing the new smoke-creating properties of the cross, Mach leaves a concentrated plume of white smoke behind him as he deftly maneuvers to better re-position himself and/or avoid incoming fire
(Feint + Small Area Illusion + 2TCD) (80pts)


Name: MachFighter SkywriterCross
Description: In a mix of ancient design with modern tech, the overall configuration is that of a biplane; a design that's rarely found outside of museums. The thin, tapered cylindrical fuselage is covered in multiple panes of glossy-red painted sheet metal, and appears to be held together with well-driven countersunk rivets to give it a nearly seamless surface. The tail section stretches to a point, from which sprouts a standard vertical stabilizer with a pair of horizontal stabilizers out to either side. While their curved angles seem kind of old-fashioned, the entirety of the control surfaces turn when commanded to, allowing an incredible range of pitch, yaw, and roll deflection (the vertical stabilizers can move independently of each other, to as both elevators and ailerons: "elevons")

The top of the fuselage continues to taper out from the tail, then ends abruptly to form the back wall of the aircraft's cockpit, which is covered in a nearly transparent "bubble" canopy. Inside one can see a padded seat with a 5-point harness made of black woven straps with brushed aluminum clamps. A simple throttle handle is mounted on the left wall at elbow-level, while a joystick protrudes from the floor; otherwise the cockpit appears quite plain. The gauges and technical data is only displayed when a pilot is in the seat, in the form of holo-projections like a 360degree heads-up display.

Situated mere inches below the level of the canopy's frame are the MachFighter's first pair of wings. The seamless craftsmanship of the sheetmetal makes the wings appear to have spouted from the fuselage as opposed to being tacked in. Said wings sweep back at a fairly aggressive 30degree angle to favor speed over lift, and are fairly "stubby" in regards to length. A second pair of wings sprout from the underside of the fuselage at a near 45degree angle towards the ground for several feet before angling out horizontally in an "inverted gull wing" design. The odd shape is necessary, as the lower wing also houses the main landing gear, which are normally stowed in the underside of the wing when unneeded, and swing out for landing/takeoff configuration. The lower wings are swept back at an equal degree as the upper wings, and are secured together at their midsections by sliver-thin diagonal spars between them.

Ahead of the wings is where the engine is mounted, which is mostly covered in contoured metal panels with only a few exposed areas for the twin intakes on either side of the prop, with a couple exhaust ports facing straight down. The prop itself has three blades, which smoothly taper into a fairly broad width in their centers, and extend a good 3 feet from the cone-shaped spinner in its center. The blades themselves are black with red tips, which form a nice red ring when spinning even at idle speed. When needed, the exhaust pipes at the bottom of the aircraft can create plumes of white smoke.

Battle Information: Easily the slowest of the MachFighter variants, but supremely maneuverable at near-stall speeds without the help of thrust vectoring. Its capability to maneuver can easily make a novice pilot queasy, and more importantly muck with the firing solution(s) of potential adversaries. Any weapons can materialize as cannons from the spinner or leading edges of the lower wings, or missiles slung under the fuselage or the lower wings.

Name: SkywriterCross.GMO
Description: Aera's hair remains unchanged in color and style save for a few subtle curls in her bangs, but she wears a red "side cap" (also known as a flight cap, garrison cap, etc.) with white lace trim. A silver pin is fastened on the right side of the cap near its front edge, shaped like a simplistic caricature of an angel's wing. Like Mach, her ear pylons have been replaced with a black aviation headset complete with mic, but the design appears to be much lighter and contoured to her head, with a strap that stretches around the back of her head to keep them in place.

Her bomber style jacket is very dark brown with pale tan fur around the collar, and appears to be quite snug. She has a silk white scarf wrapped comfortably around her neck, with both ends tucked down the front of her jacket, causing it to protrude slightly just above the jacket's zipper. The torso of the jacket is cut somewhat short, several inches above her waistline and exposing her snug red bodysuit underneath. Like Skywriter, she wears a red knee-length skirt, with a set of tight thigh-length shorts underneath.

Her feet are protected in leather-looking black boots with high tops and a subtly pronounced heel, while her hands are covered in some thin leather gloves which are notably studded with dull silver disks over her knuckles and fingertips. Two small red pusher prop engines float behind her back, but they don't appear to have any exhaust pipes or intakes. They also run very, very quietly, hinting they're based off an electric motor design, which makes sense for a SP capable of high voltage operations. Though the three bladed twin props are quite small, their brush-less electric engines can push them to the point of making flight very easy to achieve.

Battle Information: Her electric attacks remain mostly unchanged, but they generally come from the metal surfaces from her gloves.

Name: SkywriterCross.GMO
Description: Vector's overall color changes to a mix of very dark brown with red highlights, and his shape looks like that of a possessed article of clothing, namely a "G-Suit." Vector's feet look like a set of lightly armored combat boots, which lead up to leggings that have exposed areas around the knees and inner thighs, to promote comfort and flexibility for the wearer. His upper body looks like a combination of a flight suit, oxygen system, and parachute harness. In short, it's covered in a myriad of straps, buckles and tubes which appear to lead to a central metal junction near the center of his chest. A small cylindrical canister is mounted on the underside of the junction, which would provide pressurized gas to inflate the tubes that stretch up and over his collar bones and converge to a point between his shoulder blades, which acts as a life-jacket if he and/or the wearer found themselves in an aquatic environment.

His shoulders appear to be lightly armored, with more protective plating concentrated near his forearms. His hands are very humanoid and glove-like in shape and function, allowing complex hand and finger movements while providing all around protection for the wearer's hands. His head looks like a fully covered aviation helmet, complete with a detachable oxygen mask and bulbous, heavily tinted visor. The visor can slide up to reveal a more transparent visor underneath, which too can slide up into the metal visor housing on his "forehead." The rest of the helmet covers more or less the entirety of his head, making the entire setup appear air-tight when the visors are down and the mask secured. Two perfectly circular crimson lights glow somewhere behind the visor, giving him a somewhat unsettling robotic gaze.

Like most of his other .GMOs, his body shape is fairly flexible to accommodate a variety of wearers comfortably. In addition, the visor cover is emblazoned with a particular design exclusive to the wearer.
Mach: Three orange racing stripes splaying up and outwards from the center of the visor cover over a dark blue background
Aera: Two yellow thunderbolts curving down towards the face of the helmet over a light blue background
Skywriter: A gold two-bladed propeller horizontally across the front of the cover over a black and red checkered pattern

Battle Information: His weapons take more compact forms with this GMO, favoring military-style combat knives which can be thrown if needed.
Yay! Approved. :V