So yep, Shuri's gotten chummy enough with someone to use a cross. So now she's getting one, because why not?

Name: BayonetCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Normal/Cursor

Appearance: Due to sometimes delving into less than savory work, Shuri's outfit never changes enough to pinpoint the Navi she's crossing with just by looking at her. With BayonetCross, her only appearance change is that all of the purple on her outfit changes to a deep crimson. Her eye and hair color remains purple, though.

Custom Weapon: More telling than her clothes is that her usual giant shuriken is gone with BayonetCross active. Instead, an old-looking musket is attached to her back in much the same way, and can be used for any type of attack. Fittingly, a bayonet is attached to the end of it; this doesn't affect the gun's performance in any way, and mainly serves to let her use sword based chips while wielding it.

Signature Attacks:

- Lockon and Load: With just a little extra focus, Shuri gets a good bead on an enemy before firing. Or any sort of attacking. (Take Aim) (PASSIVE) (40)

- Risk Round: Shuri attempts to fire a reasonably strong, armor penetrating round at an enemy. Unfortunately, the special bullet used for it creates a not-insignificant risk of a misfire that, while not harmful to her, is rather embarrassing after nothing happens. (Effect 1: 60 + Break) (Effect 2: Nothing) ((80+0)/2 = 40) (Shot type)
I approve as cross partner and leave approving the cross to someone else. :V
*someone else approves*