Name: RheaCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: /

Description: Mach color scheme switches from his signature dark blue and orange to two shades of purple. His gauntlets, boots, and chest plate are a darker violet color while his body suit is a slightly lighter fuchsia. However, unlike his previous form the body suit is slightly armored and segmented, trimmed with a pale green. The armor on his shoulders is slightly larger than normal, but the dark violet pauldrons aren't large enough to impede the movement of his arms. The tops of his gauntlets are trimmed with green as well.

Atop his right hand is a green device, secured to the back of his hand and branches out to a pair of small rectangular emitters, pointing forwards on either side of his hand, next to his knuckles. When called upon, these emitters project a thin cyan column of energy, which stops abruptly a few inches past his hand before angling back in a sharp angle, then turning again at a sharp point before angling forward to a point around 3 feet directly in front of Mach's hand. Both sides mirror each other, creating a large glowing outline of a blade. The area inside the outline is completely void, allowing objects (like his fingers) to pass through easily, but anything that passes through the glowing cyan energy will find itself in more pieces than it started out in.

Mach's protective face shield still remains, though it has a much more streamlined look, seemingly more form-fitting and less angular than usual. It is made up of a trio of dark violet armored plates, trimmed in green. His ear pylons are replaced by a headband nearly identical to Rhea's own, which wraps around the back of his head. However, the forward tips of his pylons remain, and are fastened to the circular ear-pieces, angled slightly lower than horizontal. Mach's hair has become much more natural and soft-looking, and it sports a deep purple just like Rhea. However, his hair is still fairly short, and is slicked back before spiking out on the back of his head, as if he was perpetually moving forward at a high rate of speed. This also keeps his hair out of his bright amethyst colored eyes, though the orange ring around his iris is still visible.

A pair of angular metal plates are affixed to his upper back, and lay flat against his shoulder blades while not in use. Whenever he needs additional speed, especially when his "wing bits" aren't being used for thrust, these plates swing open, revealing a small vernier nozzle tucked away on the underside of each. Though small, they can propel Mach's light frame at an impressive speed, especially when accompanied by the similar verniers set into the calf area of his boots. His boots appear to be much more segmented as well, thanks to the green trim of each individual plate, the largest being the toe, heel, shin, and left/right calf hemisphere plates.

With the RheaCross active, Mach's circular wing/anti-grav emitters are replaced by a pair of floating cylindrical turbines, about 3 feet long and a foot in diameter. They look quite similar to a compact jet engine, but an area of the turbine is exposed near the midsection, where the combustion chambers would be on a real world jet turbine. The wide ring has 5 large diagonal slots cut into the metal, allowing some of the energy to escape in what looks like a bright cyan blade, almost like a propeller. This ring spins up to a very high speed when the turbines are active, and the vibrant cyan "propellers" almost seem to blend together into a disk, not unlike the real-world equivalent. Two sharpened metal plates are affixed in front of the intakes and the thrust nozzles, shaped like angular blades akin to the sword projected by Mach's right hand. These sharp implements hint towards these bits being capable of being used offensively, they would likely cause a great deal of damage if they started to tumble end over end...

Signature Attack: (80pts)
Riposte: In this cross, MachMan has a heightened sense of awareness when in close range with foes. With his blade at the ready, Mach can nearly instantly react to an attack, countering with his own. His attack is sharp and fast, aiming not only at the enemy, but also at the very weapon that attacked him.
(Counter: (Melee Damage) 40dmg Slashing + Disarm + 2TCD)

MachFighter RheaCross.GMO
Description: Whenever MachMan activates his MachFighter.GMO while the RheaCross is still active, his MachFighter form takes a RheaCross theme as well. His frame is primarily brushed aluminum with purple stripes and green trim. The stripes are seen on the leading edges of his wings, canards, elevons, and rudders, plus one large vertical stripe directly over the fuselage from nose to tail. He keeps the same overall shape, but his intakes and engines are absent from his fuselage, reducing the overall bulk of his frame. The forward profile of his fuselage is quite different, there are very few rounded edges, and instead the fuselage is flattened out to give a blade-like appearance, all the way from the nose to the tail.

This form is still powered, but instead of jets housed in the fuselage, he has a pair of supersonic turboprops, one set in each wing near the wing root. The long engines act as the "elbow" of the forward swept wings, the outboard section of the wings are three times as long as the inboard section, and look sharp enough to draw blood just from touching the leading or trailing edges.

The turboprop engines are long and cigar-shaped, with a stationary nosecone in front of the rotating propeller ring, which is lined with four wide, slightly stubby propeller blades. There are a pair of intakes above and below the turbine behind the prop, as well as several slots in the nosecone to give plenty of airflow. Behind these intakes are forward-swept vertical stabilizers, outfitted with small rudders to give the MachFighter added maneuverability. The lower stabilizers can fold down towards the outboard edge of the wing (so they don't scrape against the ground upon landing). Behind these stabilizers are the exhausts; not all of the thrust generated by these engines come from the propellers alone, otherwise supersonic speeds would be impossible.

While impressive by themselves, these turboprops also act as pivot points in the wings, allowing the entire assemblies to rotate freely and retain the MachFighter's ability to hover and even fly backwards. The elevons behind the wings are larger than his default form, and angle slightly downward to add an additional axis of movement when using said elevons to maneuver. The ruddervators at the end of the fuselage are more or less unchanged.

The cockpit is set further back than normal, and appears to be much smaller, but that's only because it is set deeper into the fuselage to reduce drag. The surface of the cockpit is the same color as the stripe surrounding it, and the smaller size makes it blend into the fuselage almost to the point of being considered absent.
Battle Information: This form is generally more agile and maneuverable, but at the cost of acceleration and sheer top speed. However, since the turboprop engines are smaller and lighter than his standard powerplant, his wings and other control surfaces are reinforced to the point of being capable melee weapons. The wings look sharp because they are, they can slice through non-hardened targets with ease, especially at high speeds.

Unlike the default MachFighter, the vulcans are set in the underside of the nose, and weapon hard points line the strake that connect the wings to the fuselage.

RheaCross.GMO (Aera)
Description: Whenever MachMan activates the RheaCross, Aera's graphic model automatically switches to this form to reflect the theme of her host Navi. In this theme, Aera looks more or less identical to Rhea in a general sense, due to their similar builds. Her blue armor adopts a dark violet hue, while her bodysuit is a lighter fuchsia. Like Mach, her armor is slightly lighter but more segmented, with each plate trimmed in green in varying thickness proportional to the size of said armored plates. Above the neckline of her chestplate (which is much more modest and only slightly follows the curvature of her breasts) she has a ringed gray turtleneck-like covering.

Her ears are covered by a green headband that's nearly identical to Rhea's, save for the small angular pylon tips protruding forward slightly lower than horizontal. The band that wraps around the back of her head holds her hair in place, which is a long straight bob cut that neatly extends down to the small of her back. Her hairstyle, color, and sheen is very similar to Rhea's, but the lower layer of her hair is still orange. The inner surface of her long trailing hair is orange, but it's so neatly hidden it wouldn't be seen if someone was looking at the back of her head. If she flipped her straight-cut bangs up, they too would reveal the orange layer underneath. ((see: Stocking from "Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt")) The tops of her purple eyebrows are almost completely obscured, but her bangs are not long enough to obstruct view of her bright amethyst eyes.

There are some other minute differences in her armor compared to Rhea, including slightly flared thigh armor, up towards her hips and groin. The outer rim rolls in slightly to keep her generally smooth outline, and is wide enough to house four polished silver prongs set into the rim. These prongs allow electricity to arc between them, reflecting Aera's electrical affinity. Electricity continuously arcs, but at low "idle" power, the bolt is very thin and blue, while giving off a droning hum. It sounds much more vicious at full power, especially with the white hot electrical discharge surging between the prongs. She also has a pair of verniers fixed to the back of her hips, similar to Mach's back verniers, though of a slightly lower power output. Her slightly angular pumps are still present, though they are armored and dark violet just like Rhea's. Her heel height is slightly lower, giving her more stable and comfortable footing to allow her more complex footwork.

Her arms are thinly armored as normal, though her shoulders are slightly bulked up with thin armor plates to give her a more mechanical look, just like Rhea. She has a green vambrace affixed to her right forearm, with a slightly rectangular housing perched on top.

Battle Information: Though her electrical affinity is unchanged, this new form allows her greater flexibility in close-ranged combat. The vambrace on her right arm houses a polished silver, telescopic blade, which can extend and retract at will, and lock in either position. The blade is about the width of her forearm and nearly 3 feet in length, but is completely hollow to allow the multiple segments to slide into each other and retract. This telescopic blade isn't as strong or as sharp as a solid edge, but it is highly conductive, adding a very powerful shock to make up for any lack in cutting or stabbing power.

RheaCross.GMO (Vector)
Description: Whenever MachMan activates the RheaCross, Vector's graphic model automatically switches to this form to reflect the theme of his host Navi. Vector's body structure retains an armored appearance, but the sheer number of body plates decrease as they form into larger pieces of violet/fuchsia armor with green trim. The armor is also much less angular and sharp, giving him a bulky yet smooth outline. His armor looks much more akin to medieval knights, with realistic curves in the pauldrons and chest plate, as well as the shin guards, vambraces, and greaves. However, instead of thin layers of steel, the main pieces of armor are rather thick and give Vector a weighty appearance. It looks as if a simple punch would cause a significant amount of damage; a shoulder charge would appear to be a rather menacing attack.

The majority of his armor is a dark violet, with only a few areas between the heavier armored plates being a lighter fuchsia. The green trim around the main pieces of armor is fairly wide compared to the smaller armored plates. The arrangement of the armor is nearly identical to Rhea's, but with slightly more coverage and bulk. One very noticeable change is Vector's head, it makes up a quite rounded dark violet helmet, with a large visor over where Vector's eye would be. The visor looks identical to Rhea's headband, but it wraps around the front of his head rather than the back. Vector's eye, now a luminous cyan, continues to glow brightly in the helmet. The visor has four horizontal slots, arranged in two vertical columns, allowing Vector's eye to shine through and top off Vector's "Heavy RoboKnight" look.

Battle Information: Vector's offensive and defensive capabilities are nearly unchanged in this form, and still retains the ability to change the shape of his body plates at will to form miscellaneous weaponry, or to provide a proper fit to allies he protects. However, in this form his default weapons are forearm-mounted short swords. He is also capable of forming other weapons like polearms and throwing spears.

Whenever he armors up an allied program, his body structure adjusts itself to fit the wearer snugly without significantly hindering his/her movement. Another addition is a glowing energy plume emitted from the top of the helmet, like a flowing ribbon or long feather. The color of this plume is tied to the wearer.
MachMan: Blue
Aera: Orange
Sylk: Cyan
Rhea: Purple
It's all good, approved.
Type: Null/Speed
Level 1

Expanded pod reference
Rhea's outlooks gets a significant facelift from the archaic, mechanical-looking original to one that might resemble from a futuristic, sci-fi movie.

She now dons a grey, semi-helmet which spans from an upper hairband to fan out like a riot helmet at the back of her head, with her original headband and ear covers retaining their shape-- though they have turned to a schematic color of purple and orange. An antaenna pokes out of her earpiece on each side, angling at a 45 degrees towards the upper back of her head. The hairband sports a base purple color, with bright orange at the top; a thin stripe of grey separates the two contrasting colors on each side of the hairband. A transparent visor acts as a GUI, as well as protection for Rhea as she travelled at high speeds.

Her neck is concealed by what seemed to be the collar of a grey bodysuit, though it was not visible from anywhere else of her body. Protective, purple armor aligns her torso much like her original design, but with a few changes-- her mechanical parts were mostly concealed at shoulder-point, and the shoulder armor now sported an orange housing, which emits light much like a safety sign on highways.

None of her greenish hues were found on MachCross Rhea; instead, grey now acts as the metallic color for her joint parts, e.g. torso armor connecting with abdomen's, shoulder joints, arm generator units, belt buckles, etc.

The arm generator unit that Rhea has is now in the tone of grey, with a generator emitter shining an orange hue brightly in the housing, with functions similar to her original parts.

One of the major keypoint differences of Rhea is the lower part of her body, which now features streamlined, fully-concealed leg parts. Cloth-like material extends from the hip joints to the metallic grey, before extending down in a long high-boot styled leg armor of purple all the way to the shoes. Slight heels could be seen, though it may not be entirely noticeable. At the back of her calf and on top of her shoe, bright yellow emitters act as signal of her feet's presence... as well as housing a built-in thruster, which can be used for both mobility and offensive purposes.

A long cape extended from her metallic belting to her calves, held in place by two mechanical-looking claps in front of her abdomen. The cape glows softly, and can be turned off if needed; in the same orange that the other parts yield. If anything, it also gave an overall more graceful feel to Rhea's MachCross design.

Though above everything else, the most prominent feature of MachCross Rhea is the two large pods secured to the back of her shoulder, sticking out like a sore thumb and with no apparent use. It is largely dominated by a dull shade of orange, with the interior parts being dark purple. The hinge has an orange emitter; while the axis of the two monstrous-sized pods allowed freedom of movement of up to 300 degrees.

However, the pods hide a secret-- the dull orange cover can be lifted and expanded, revealing the interior parts-- a basic thruster, as well as two tiny energy generators adorning each side of the scissor-like contraption when opened. These two energy generators serve to generate anti-gravitational waves, visible to others as the form of a disc, with it's center being the pod hinge and it's circumference spanning in between the generators. The disc energy, unsurprisingly, shines a bright yellow-- and any movement will cause the disc to leave a trail of light behind it for a few moments before disappearing. These, as well as the thrusters, help guide Rhea's flight and movement for majority parts of her mobility purposes... Though it can also be used for other purposes(?).

Cross Signature: (80/80 points)
=SCRAM Boost
ACTIVE - Teleport x1
(80 sig points, 2TCD)
Much like the original counterpart, Rhea throws her pod's thrusters and antigravity engines to overdrive, gaining speed that was almost at the speed of light-- allowing her to travel to an instance around the battlefield in top speed.
*mashes "APPROVE" button*